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Area 6 : News & Views

NEWS ARCHIVE - Sept to Dec 2000

The longest journey starts with a single step .....................................................ancient Chinese proverb

This page is part of the main News archive of the site-building "as it happened" going back to 1998/9. Click here for Latest Site News or select from the table below for archived Newsletters and News pages:
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News page archives: May-Aug 2001 Jan-Apr 2001 Sept-Dec 2000 May-Aug 2000 Jan-Apr 2000 1999 Kathryn

... the longest journey starts with a single step ...

27th December: Our thanks to Michelle Lewis for a delightful e-mail which came in just before Christmas from Mongolia, where our free-to-print Maths worksheets are now being used to help street children. Michelle's e-mail has been added to the website Guestbook.

22nd December: There's been a huge break in updating this page (three weeks!) primarily due to (a) ongoing FTP problems at our ISP, affecting everyone across their servers, and secondly a spell of illness here. Life is now returning to something approaching normal - the FTP is running much better, so that uploading is dramatically easier than it was, and the intermittent "Surftime" problems look to have been sorted out so that access is hugely improved from this end.

Meanwhile thanks to everyone who's visited the site and been in touch over this period. There's something of a stack of pagebuilding accumulated, but a number of items have been able to be put on line [please see below] and we hope to catch the rest up over the next couple of weeks.

We'd like to thank the students at Nottingham University who wrote to many of the Charities in the Directory with respect to "Golden Bond" places for the London Marathon next year [the London Marathon is one of the events listed on the Sponsored Events calendar which will be updated with a mass of additional events as soon as time allows, here].

On the FOCUS page we have added another organization to the growing reservoir of information about playgrounds and playing fields - Kidsactive - play and opportunity for disabled children. Kidsactive (whose Information Service deals with over 2000 enquiries a year on all aspects of play for disabled children) is listed in the Project HappyChild Directory (this charity was previously known as HAPA) and operates a national database of contacts and organisations in the play and disability fields. They also provide a number of publications and fact sheets, and details have been added to our booklists page.

Kidactive runs six adventure playgrounds in the London area for disabled children and their friends, and additional funds for the general running of their playgrounds are always much appreciated. You'll find a link to their website and updated contact details in their Directory entry (1018).

1st December: Project HappyChild News for December 2000 is now on line, along with Michael Tipper's December articles on Accelerated Learning.

... the longest journey starts with a single step ...

27th November: FTP seems to be working better this morning, and we've been able to make a few additions to SCHOOLS INTERCHANGE, linking schools across the world.

Firstly our thanks to Christopher Coyle, Principal Officer, Intranet Development, Edinburgh, for forwarding a modified URL for the new listing of Edinburgh Schools websites on the Edinburgh Grid for Learning - see Schools Scotland.

Secondly, thanks go to Asif, webmaster at Africa-Online, for forwarding details of a school on line in Malawi, which doesn't as yet have its own school-net - see Schools Malawi.

And finally, we've been able to locate details of Schools & Universities in Israel and Palestine - these have been put on line on the Schools Israel page, along with a link to the Israeli Ministry of Education.

26th November: Our thanks to Murray Kimber, A/g Assistant Secretary, Literacy & Special Programmes, Dept. of Education in Australia, for forwarding details of EDNA which we have now added to our Index to Free Educational Resources worldwide [just below the link to the Parliament of Australia, in the general resources table].

26th November: The e-mail address for I CAN, the national educational charity for children and young people with speech and language difficulties, has been updated in the Project HappyChild Directory. We have also now been able to include a link to I CAN's website.

20th November: There's been a break in ongoing updates to this page, due to further FTP difficulties across the whole server; at present we can upload a minimal amount but we trust full service will be restored as soon as possible.

20th November: Please note that the e-mail address for Lifeline Network International has been updated in the Project HappyChild Directory - if you have a cached or printed-out version of the Directory, you may wish to update this.

20th November: We're delighted to say that the first chapter pages for The Magical World of Harry Potter are now on line; this is a hugely popular area of the site and it's hoped to add more pages at the beginning of December.

11th November: Christmas Cards are now available from Children in Crisis, depicting a delightful scene of children learning at Dritog School, China - see the Catalogues page in the Project HappyChild Shop.

11th November: The Child Poverty Action Group publishes welfare rights guides for advisers. The Welfare Benefits Handbook and Child Support Handbook are available at greatly reduced prices to benefits claimants - see the Booklists page. CPAG also sells Christmas cards - see the Catalogues page in the Project HappyChild Shop.

11th November: There have been some changes in the Project HappyChild Directory - firstly, PLAYLINK which helps people who want to set up and run adventure playgrounds so children can have a local place to call their own, to dig and climb, play games, build dens and meet friends, and also helps schools to improve their playgrounds - PLAYLINK now have a direct e-mail address which has been added to their entry in the Directory.
Secondly, Autism London, which aims to support families and individuals affected by Autism, Asperger Syndrome or similar communication and behavioural difficulties, has a slightly modified postal address and a new fax number - also they now have a website where you can locate a range of telephone numbers including their London helpline - site link from their entry in the Directory.
Thirdly, The National Council for One Parent Families (NCOPF) have a website launched by the world-famous author and single parent JK Rowling, who has decided to become an Ambassador for One Parent Families, and has made a substantial donation to the charity to help them with their latest fundraising appeal. NCOPF's new website and e-mail address have been added to their entry in the Directory.

11th November: SCHOOLS WEBSITES - Our thanks to Lorraine Rossiter, Technical Services Manager at Cheshire County Council for sending details of "SALT" (Support Access for Learners & Teachers). This has a complete list of all Cheshire schools and has direct links to all the schools websites currently set up - see Schools England counties A-M.

11th November: We've been receiving enquiries about safe playgrounds and associated subjects for quite a few months now, and are delighted to say we've now been able to feature The National Playing Fields Association on our FOCUS page. This extraordinarily comprehensive site has a great deal of info on all aspects of playing fields and playgrounds, as well as the relevant safety regulations.

The NPFA site also includes a database of fields under threat in the UK - sobering reading, take a look at the listings for London - and a lot of background details as to how to help protect fields in your area. There are also many links to relevant sites (eg grants, trusts) and help on looking after your field or pitch.

11th November: A letter was received in April 1999 from Paul Draper, about the Jodie Choules appeal which needed to raise Ł25,000 for a 2-year-old little girl from Sunbury, Middlesex. Jodie suffers from cerebal palsy and is unlikely ever to walk; she also suffers from epilepsy and poor hearing. Due to her disabilities, Jodie's home needed to be adapted to enable her to live on one level, which will ultimately improve her quality of life.We're delighted to report that Jodie's home has now been adapted [after help from various quarters, including her grandparents] - however we're informed that Jodie's parents are having trouble proving their negligence case against the hospital who have apparently "lost" the foetal traces which would have proved the time of her mother's arrival at the labour ward. We trust this matter will be properly resolved - the Guestbook has been updated in line with current developments.

11th November: There's been a break in the News updates this month as the FTP equipment at our ISP started to break down towards the end of October (affecting several hundred thousand people across their network). We were lucky enough to get the Newsletter on line eventually, but couldn't upload anything else as there was no guarantee the pages wouldn't come up blank; the whole FTP equipment base is now being replaced and hopefully things will soon be back to normal.

1st November: Project HappyChild News for November 2000 is now on line, along with Michael Tipper's November articles on Accelerated Learning.

... the longest journey starts with a single step ...

OCTOBER 2000 [briefly summarised in Newsletter 1st November 2000]
27th October: Our thanks to Stephen Hendry at Essex County Council for a wonderful offer late this afternoon for organizations helping children - a "substantial amount" of surplus office furniture plus I.T. items including monitors, printers and processors. More details on the Surplus Resources page. [Note - 4th April 2001 - this ongoing resource has now been withdrawn as all the surplus IT equipment etc. has now been allocated.]

24th October 2000: Further to the Guestbook entry of 15th September about Tom Trewick, who urgently needs a life-saving operation, a four-man team plans to cycle from Newport, Wales, to Wembley - see Sponsored Events - to raise funds. BOC will match any sponsorship raised - and more sponsors are urgently required. Details on Tom's site of the raffle of a Coca Cola adult mountain bike on 7th December [other raffle prizes gratefully welcomed]; also various items of sporting memorabilia are being auctioned on line now including a Football signed by the current squad at Cardiff City Football Club, two miniature cricket bats (England v Australia, 1989), a wallet containing charity shield tickets (1989) and autographed by Kenny Dalgleish [includes Twin Towers, pictured], a 1990 Wembley menu signed by George Graham ... and a number of other items. Full details at Tom's site - please pass on details to anyone you know who might be interested in purchasing the items; the auctions aren't on line for long; all receipts go towards Tom's operation.

24th October: A one-day Anti-Bullying Conference has been organised by Family Service Units (FSU) to be held in Central London on 13th December 2000 - keynote speaker Rt.Hon. David Blunkett MP, Secretary of State for Education. Details have been added to the General Events page [pre-booking essential].

24th October 2000: There has been a significant addition to the Syndromes Links Index today, a link to a free email-advice service by Educational Psychologists, together with free-to-print strategies (pre-prepared interventions) for use by teachers and parents dealing with special educational needs.

23rd October: Our thanks to Dave Thomson, Inspector ICT, for forwarding details of the Worcestershire Grid for Learning which now has comprehensive links to schools websites on line across Worcestershire. Details have been added to the England N-Z page at Schools Interchange.

20th October: Two more e-mails have been added to the Guestbook today - including an appeal from Azah, desperately trying to raise funds towards her son Azrul's operations to correct multiple congenital deformities. Please help if you can .....

19th October: Just a reminder that the "Sponsored Wrap" takes place tomorrow - see General Events - hope lots of you out there are able to take part.

19th October: In the background to everything else that's been going on here, there have been major additions recently to the children's interest areas of the site - Pokémon and Harry Potter. Andy's Guide to Pokémon now has pictures of all the different Pokémon characters, with a mass of inter-related info that kids need to find their way through the red, blue and yellow games. The Magical World of Harry Potter has at last been opened up to visitors - the first 100 or so pages have now been constructed - see the books index - and specific info should be added fairly soon. In the meantime there are links to photos of the children who'll be taking the parts of Harry, Ron and Hermione in the film, along with details of Jo Rowling's extraordinary offer to write an extra couple of books in aid of Comic Relief .....

Both Pokémon and Harry Potter are wonderful entertainment for kids (and many adults!) - but both of them are so complex and have so many inter-related facets that often children simply can't remember all the different factors and end up feeling slightly swamped. We hope that the info going up in both these areas will be useful for kids to back-track on, especially now there will soon be Pokémon gold and silver, Harry Potter 5 and of course the two new books as well .....

18th October: Our thanks to Eileen at Areeba for letting us know that solo skipper Vinny Lauwers has some new diary updates on his website [see the map on our FOCUS page which links to the update after he arrived home from his landmark world voyage] - the new diary entries lead on from there. Vinny's made the shortlist for the World Sailor awards, and Skilled Engineering (his major sponsor] has placed a huge billboard of Vision Quest and Vinny over the Tullamarine Freeway - the main freeway from Melbourne airport to the city.

Vinny and Jacquie have been visiting organizations that help kids in need (Vinny's voyage raised funds for disabled and disadvantaged kids) and he speaks movingly about Leukodystrophy in his diary entry of 13th October.

16th October: We've received a request from UNESCO to publicise their "Time" Project , for which only 157 schools, youth groups and organizations have signed up so far. - quote - "Time" offers young people the opportunity to communicate live with each other and learn about other cultures. By comparing our local communities, we are all taking part in the global village. Networks are created between schools from opposite parts of the world. All of a sudden, we encounter that walls are falling down and the global village is getting smaller. Travel the world without packing your suitcase! Grab the opportunity to learn from and about other young people! Get involved! Be an ambassador! We aim for two participating schools from every time zone on earth. Although UNESCO-ASP Schools have priority we invite all interested schools to sign up. If your school or organisation would like to participate, please let us know. Feel free to contact us by e-mail or fax. You will receive all the necessary information regarding the different parts of the project as soon as we have received your application. - unquote -

The site offers free downloads (eg activity booklet, peace manifesto), classroom twinning and a "Design a Clock" competition. E-linQ has received a grant from the European Commission to set up videoconferences between European Time schools. During one week, 16 -23 November 2000, schools will discuss "Peace in Europe through Cultural Diversity". European schools interested in taking part should contact UNESCO direct - website available in several languages.

11th October: Tickets are now available from BLISS * The National Charity for the Newborn for a Celebrity Shopping Evening at Hamleys, Regent Street, on Wednesday 15th November. Leslie Ash is amongst the celebrities due to be present and there will be mediaeval stiltwalkers, jugglers and the Pied Piper of Hamleys. Mulled wine, mince pies and a 10% discount on all purchases; admission by ticket only (very reasonably priced). See General Events for more details. This event is being covered by OK! Magazine.

10th October: Another global school net has been added to Schools Interchange - schools and universities in Thailand.

We're also delighted to say that the Schools Italy page has now been updated - there has been a reform of the Italian school system and there are now comprehensive listings of schools. The "route" through the Italian sites is a little complex but we've detailed each stage as clearly as possible.

6th October: We've received an urgent appeal for help with funds for a project in Romania building a new home for 24 teenagers shortly to become homeless - the foundations for the new building are already laid but the high inflation rate is making it impossible for local people to complete the project. Please see the Betesda - Piatra Neamt link on the page for Appeals & Projects Romania - any help anyone can offer will be much appreciated.

3rd October: Michael Tipper's October articles are now on line. There's some fascinating info this month - and the book Michael has reviewed sold 7.5 million copies in China in 25 weeks .....

1st October: Project HappyChild News for October 2000 is now on line.

... the longest journey starts with a single step ...

SEPTEMBER 2000 [briefly summarised in Newsletter 1st October 2000]
30th September: We've made a link from the main Welcome page to the new KIDS AID site where simply visiting each day and clicking on the "Donate Free Care" button, gives a small amount of free time towards the prevention and treatment of childhood AIDS. 1800 children are infected with HIV each day ..... if everyone reading this takes the time to make that visit each day, this will make a real difference to the amount of care available. It's FREE to do so - the care is paid for by daily sponsors, same principle as the Hunger Site (free food) and the Rainforest Site (saving a few square feet of the rainforest, individually, each day) - if you bookmark our Welcome page there are links to all three sites from there [scroll down one screen].

30th September: Just a reminder that the London Triathlon takes place in Docklands tomorrow - our good wishes to all taking part and especially those raising funds to help disadvantaged kids [see Sponsored Events]. If you're planning to go and watch, events start from 7.15 am [roads closed from 6.30am-6.30pm] - details of how to get there and schedule for the day at the London Triathlon website.

29th September: Our thanks to Steve Feld at the John F. Kennedy High School, the Bronx (USA) for forwarding details of two very interesting projects for inclusion in the Artwork section within the "Creativity" area - "ArtiFaq21000" and "Why is the Mona Lisa smiling?" We've also linked the latter from Michael Tipper's article on Leonardo da Vinci, in the Accelerated Learning area of the site.

28th September: During the winter of 2000 / 2001, five adventurers plan to climb a granite wall 900 metres high, in the Antarctic.

This project is based on the concept of the "Virtual Learning Community" and plans to encourage collaboration with many schools across Europe and the rest of the world, with the adventurers themselves, with scientists from various institutions, and with the media.

To find out more, and to get your school involved in this project, see the FOCUS page. Our thanks to Laurent Dubois at EduNet Switzerland for forwarding details.

26th September: Since re-designing the "Creativity" area a week or two ago, we've had quite a few jokes sent in for the new "Jokes" page ..... take a look and see what you think - we had a few doubts about including the last one! however it's fairly typical of nine-year old humour .....

24th September: The new area for free French worksheets has been extensively re-designed and will now be operated in conjunction with Freeway. Several hundred worksheets will be uploaded in due course, all of them free to print for non-commercial use as originally planned.

21st September: This week's new Cheats, Tips and Shortcuts are now on line at "Andy's guide to Pokémon", along with additions to the Missingno page and new Questions and Answers.

19th September: We've added a new entry to the Guestbook, from First Step International Foundation, requesting teaching aids and funds to help in their work with children in Gambia [also now linked from the Gambia appeals page].

16th September: The site has been unavailable for the last 12 hours at time of writing this - sorry for the access problems! - apparently a British Telecom core router is down in Manchester, or so we're told by our ISP, Force 9 / Plus Net.

Over the last 24 hours there's been a lot of pagebuilding going on, and we now have two *new* areas within the Creativity section of Area 6 - Articles and Poems. It was always planned to include these - eventually! - but work on other areas of the site didn't previously allow pagebuilding of this area.

We've started the Articles area with two items, "In Praise of Black Sheep", by a USA author, and "The Cause of Cot Death ... and how to prevent it" from New Zealand, and added the first poem, Unity, about the partnership between teachers and parents.

Submissions for any areas of Creativity - jokes, poems, stories, artwork, articles, etc. - are always much welcomed.

We've also taken the opportunity to update the main Index page for Area 6, News and Views, to make it easier for visitors to find the different areas of the site.

15th September: We've received an e-mail about an Appeal by the family and friends of a 12-year old British boy, Tom Trewick, urgently requiring funds for treatment of a rare, recurring brain tumour - see the Guestbook and our UK Appeals page - please help if you can. You can leave messages for Tom in the guestbook on his site.

13th September: The National Eczema Society has a "Sponsored Wrap" scheduled for 20th October 2000. Individuals, businesses, schools and families can join in and raise money by wearing a Tubifast bandage (supplied by NES) all day or by wrapping up in other ways. School classes can all wear bandages, wrap up the teacher, have a 3-legged wrap race .....

See General Events, Sponsored Events, and the Directory entry for the National Eczema Society, to find out more or to request a "Wrap Pack".

13th September: The "Monday cheats update" went up on schedule at "Andy's guide to Pokémon" on 11th September - this area is now receiving mail from both children and parents across the world and its major pagebuilding should be finished shortly.

13th September: We've had 3 days stats from our ISP Force 9 - for 1st, 2nd and 3rd September - hopefully the stats will catch up soon. We've added the new figures to the webstats page on line here. The first day of September was extraordinarily busy - over 6000 visits! - we don't know where the extra traffic came from though it might be linked with Project HappyChild News going out on that day, a lot more people have joined the mailing list recently.

10th September: We're delighted to say that we have now been able to add links to free Norwegian translation facilities from all main site pages - adding a seventh language has been a major task but this is now in place across the site as a whole.

10th September: Also completed today, the updates to "Andy's Guide to Pokémon" - the Cheats update went out as expected on Thursday, and the Super Cool Zone newsletter for September has gone on line today. Because of the ongoing high traffic levels we'll be modifying links from here to Pokémon resources to the Super Cool Zone mirror sites, both now updated today. Incidentally we'd like to thank the Daily Mail (UK newspaper) for including Project HappyChild in their Web Directory of the best 350+ websites, issued with their newspaper yesterday (Saturday).

7th September: The translation pages have now been updated with the new links to various site areas; updates to the foreign language versions of the index to Free Educational Resources and James's UFO story, Glaxibel the Avenger, will be carried out as soon as time allows.

7th September: The webstats page has been updated to 29th August - that day showing the highest visit level logged so far! - our ISP Force 9 has been upgrading equipment so hasn't provided stats since that date, but we're assured the info has been retained so maybe we'll see the stats for the intervening period in due course. Traffic varies considerably from day to day but seems to be holding steady in the one-to-two-million-a-year band.

7th September: We've had not a few e-mails asking when the Monday "cheats update" for Andy's Guide to Pokémon is going on line - Andy has had his hands full with the new term and the beginning of GCSE work but the pages are being set now and should be up by the end of today, all going well.

4th September: Michael Tipper's September articles are now on line in the Accelerated Learning area of the site - this month's "Great Mind" is Dominic O'Brien who has just won the World Memory Championships for the *seventh* time .....

2nd September: FREE COMPUTER AND PRINTER offered to a good cause, school or charity within 50 miles of Coventry, UK - for details see our Surplus Resources page.

2nd September: VIRUS WARNING: We've been advised by our ISP this morning that there is a new "Son of LoveBug" virus circulating the Internet. We're told it's carried by an e-mail with "erap estrada" in the title and possibly in an attachment to that e-mail.

Usually we wouldn't publish virus warnings but this one came from a reliable source and the LoveBug itself deleted 3000 files from our computer in 20 minutes [to see the solution to the original virus put on line by James later that day click here].

In your mail program, you should have a "Tools" option which has a section "Inbox Assistant". If you click on this then "Add" you can put "erap" in the subject line, then near the bottom is an option "Delete off server" which can be ticked - this should ensure any e-mails with this in the title don't get to your system. We've followed the same procedure to set up a block on the word "estrada" also.

As yet there's nothing up on Sophos Anti-Virus but their site address is www.sophos.com and they will no doubt have details on line soon about whether this virus is genuine, and if so, how to deal with it. If you don't have a virus scanning program, you can get free programs from www.tucows.com or www.download.com [usually shareware but free operation for 30 days, some are freeware also].

We just thought you might wish to know about this virus warning; feel free to pass on this page address (file - send - page by e-mail) to friends and colleagues if you so wish.

1st September: Project HappyChild News for September 2000 is now on line.

... the longest journey starts with a single step ...

This page is part of the main News archive of the site-building "as it happened" going back to 1998/9. Click here for Latest Site News or select from the table below for archived Newsletters and News pages:
Newsletter archives: 2007-2014 2005 2003/4 2002 2001 2000 1999
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News page archives: Jan-Dec 2004 May-Dec 2003 Jan-Apr 2003 Sept-Dec 2002 May-Aug 2002 Jan-Apr 2002 Sept-Dec 2001
News page archives: May-Aug 2001 Jan-Apr 2001 Sept-Dec 2000 May-Aug 2000 Jan-Apr 2000 1999 Kathryn

... the longest journey starts with a single step ...

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