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free-to-print French worksheets

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Welcome to Area 14


free-to-print French worksheets

... the longest journey starts with a single step ...

This very *large* area of the site offers free worksheets for learning, practice and revision. Lots of worksheets are advertised as "free" on the Internet - but often it turns out that you get a few free samples and pay for the rest.

FREEWAY is different. *All* worksheets on line at this site are free to print for
non-commercial use - free for schools, teachers, children, students and parents.

We've spent a long time identifying really important resources for kids - and fathoming out ways of building these for the Internet! - and, judging by ongoing traffic levels, you like what we've created here.

The FRENCH area (now fully completed) totals over 1000 pages in all. A single massive index page covers all the basic areas of verbs, vocabulary and grammar, enabling easy identification of different aspects of the language, and all the planned free worksheets are now on line.

All the French verbs pages (nine different tenses for irregular verbs, etc.) have been completed and are linked in from the site; and around 400+ self-test French-English-French vocabulary worksheets are now in place, along with "overview pages" ("Wall-to-Wall French") where you can see the complete range of vocabulary for any given theme (ideal for swift revision before exams). We've also now completed (20th January 2009) a free-to-print "simplified French grammar" section, and our thanks for everyone's patience during the long period of building this last aspect of our French resources :)

The French vocabulary and verbs worksheets are deliberately constructed in "little blocks" - just a few things to learn on each page (usually about 10). The unique structure of the pages allows kids to practise both English-to-French and French-to-English, writing down their answers to reinforce the learning and able to check immediately after finishing each "block" whether their answers are correct. Click here for the main Index to this area.

... the longest journey starts with a single step ...

The MATHS worksheets are designed to give primary-school-age children the basic building-blocks they need to learn. They can also be used for remedial help with older students who have missed some essential learning along the way.

Free worksheets now on line:

2000 free-to-print ADDITION worksheets, which allow kids to recognise the basic number bonds, and offer the opportunity for comprehensive practice of the different possibles within simple addition.

Most children should only need to complete the first set of 100 once - each worksheet only has a few questions and allows the child to achieve high scores (if completed sequentially, 1-100) with comparatively little effort. Confidence building whilst developing effective basic addition skills. Sets 2-20 can be used for additional practice where required (but aren't intended for endless "drilling") or a few used each day at the start of lessons just for getting up to speed.

The same principles apply for the 2000 SUBTRACTION worksheets also on line.

50 free-to-print TIMES TABLES MULTIPLICATION worksheets. These have to be the easiest possible way to learn times tables!

Each set of four worksheets is carefully constructed to allow the child to work out the next answer for himself / herself - gradually introducing variables until s/he can happily deal with all the different aspects of the table being practised. At one table per week (ideally in the order suggested on the index page), swift progress should be possible.

Individual "sets of four" can be used as "refreshers" from time to time, especially in the lead-up to exams.

The 50 free-to-print TIMES TABLES DIVISION worksheets are the next logical stage, to enable kids to grasp and practise the basics of division before embarking on anything more complex.

The most recent addition to the MATHS area is FRACTIONS.

This can be a *very* difficult concept to explain to children, especially Addition of Fractions, so we've handled this area slightly differently. Worksheets are now on line but we would recommend children first be allowed to read the two free-to-print stories written to explain to kids exactly how fractions work.

"An Introduction to Fractions" is a Bart & Miss Walker story, and explains fractions in very simple terms. Most children aged 9-11 should be able to read and absorb this without difficulty.

Addition of Fractions is also a Bart & Miss Walker story, following on from "An Introduction to Fractions", and whilst fairly lengthy (takes maybe 20 minutes to read and understand), spells things out in great detail, in a way children should be able to understand.

If your child/ren or class have difficulty with any part of this, simply work through the story with them using an apple and some elastic bands and demonstrate how it works in practice :)

Latest addition to the series: "Fractions and Percentages", along with a complete set of free worksheets for conversion of percentages (from 1% through to 100%) into fractions.

... the longest journey starts with a single step ...

The ENGLISH area of free resources is in two distinct parts. Both a little unusual, because they're based on a lateral-thinking approach to words and sounds - and both wholly original resources, analysing language from the perspective of the *sounds* it makes, which of course is how children learn it in the first place.

PART I: All pages of the complete free-to-print reading system, "Bricks & Mortar" [for teaching kids reading from the very beginning, as well as for remedial help], are on line in Area 5 at Project HappyChild.

PART II: "Spellings, Sounds and Meanings". We're delighted to say that the "Sounds Database" has now been completed. We've recently streamlined this resource to maximise its effectiveness and to make it easier for teachers and parents to focus on the primary spelling variables for each specific sound sub-group.

Around 2500 ready-made worksheets for over 300 sound sub-groups are now on line (23rd February 2008) - our thanks to Mario Becroft in New Zealand who has helped endlessly with the programming requirements to generate these. The worksheets can be accessed from the various sound sub-groups within the "Sounds Database".

'Blank template' pages are also available for creating your own worksheets:

Writing / Spelling Word Search Meaning Use in Sentence Crossword Clues

There are also seven "dedicated templates" (as below) which can be used for sounds across the whole "Sounds Database".

Poem Writing Word Base 1 Word Base 2 Making Crosswords Lateral Thinking 1 Lateral Thinking 2 MC Lyrics

"Sound files" have been created for every sound sub-group in this area, to clarify how the words sound in "standard English" and why particular words fall into specific groups. All sound files are linked from the relevant index pages (click through from the Sounds Database).

And finally! ..... there is a whole new area of FREEWAY now created, but this is likely to be so massive that it
needs an area all of its own on the site here. Check out "Any Language to English" - now on line in Area 10.

... the longest journey starts with a single step ...

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