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"I have a 9 year old son who is suffering some learning difficulties ... maths especially and I must thank you for this web site .... he has in a couple of weeks learnt most of his times tables .... it is amazing what a difference your worksheets have made to my son .... thank you, thank you .... it's hard to know how to help your child when you are not a teacher, your sheets have taken a lot of the pressure away .... it's all ready to hand and easy to use and so straightforward ... and best of all, it works.
Best Wishes       From a Happy Child and Happy Mother!!!! " [Staffordshire, England]       10th November 2003


This FREEWAY resource is also on line at Project HappyChild.

The "TIMES TABLES" area is designed to make it as easy
as possible for children to learn their tables.

The worksheets are in sets of 4 sheets for each separate table, and intended to be used in these sets to allow children to take easy steps from one stage of learning to the next. There are 144 questions for each table, on each set of four sheets, and if the child starts at the beginning, s/he should be able to work out "what comes next" at each stage.

The first four sheets (the "1 times table") will not be necessary for most children, but very "early learners" may find it useful for writing practice. It is recommended that the Key Stage 1 addition worksheets be completed easily by the child (with further practice of more complex addition) before any of the times tables worksheets are first used.

It's recommended also that children take the tables in gradual stages, certainly not more than one per week, and maybe start with the four practice sheets for the 10 times table (which is very straightforward) before moving on to the 2 times table [the 10-multiples are used in early steps within each practice format, so it can be constructive to tackle these first].

For the very first attempt at any given table, it may be found most helpful to go through the questions aloud, first of all, letting them make one easy step at a time, so they become confident in their ability to "work out the answer" in their heads - presenting the set of four worksheets the next day, when the table is still fresh in their minds - or, depending on the child, it may be better to go through the questions aloud on several successive days, leaving the set of 4 written worksheets for that table until the end of the week.

Whenever the child is comfortable with "10" and "2", try the 5 times table, then the 11 times table, which is relatively easy - and after that the 3 times table.

By this stage the child will only have left the 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12 times tables - six out of the total of 12. Not only will s/he know six tables - but will actually have covered HALF of the required answers to the remaining tables, in the course of the ones already learned [eg, in the 12 times table, 2 x 12 will already have been covered in "2", etc.] - so only 25% of the learning remains.

Sheets 49 and 50 are for "records" - the child can fill in the answers on p49 to each table, once learned, and on p50 there is a "times table square" where the individual numbers can be ticked in the context of the table which has just been learned [eg tick all the multiples of 2 across, when the 2 times table has been learned]. From this children will be able to see graphically, by using the "down" column, which parts of any table "not yet learned" they already know.

New addition: 50 free-to-print Times Tables Division worksheets for children who are confident in answering all twelve sets of multiplication questions accurately (at around 2-3 minutes for each completed sheet).

... the longest journey starts with a single step ...

Special addition (20th April 2011): Sometimes where a slightly older child can read numbers and do basic addition, but is significantly behind the rest of the class with multiplication, it can be helpful to "chant the times tables" first thing in the morning and last thing at night, for a few weeks, just to get all the basic information "on board" (even without full understanding, initially). For this reason we have created two further worksheets, 0051 and 0052, which the child can read out loud (with an adult listening, to correct any mis-reading of the numbers) a couple of times a day for a few weeks (maybe up to twelve). Each worksheet lasts for "one week" (14 boxes to be ticked, one after each session). The content of both worksheets is the same but one prints with boxes, one without, allowing for individual preference and whichever the child finds easier to work with.

The usual times tables worksheets (5-48, below) can be used after the weeks of "chanting practice", whenever the child is ready.

Freeway - free worksheets for English, poetry writing, lateral thinking, mc lyrics, spellings, sounds and meanings, word search puzzles, making crosswords, dictionary usage, translation, French verbs, French vocabulary, Maths, addition, times tables multiplication, division and fractions

Project HappyChild / Freeway worksheets may be used as a non-commercial education resource, free of charge,
provided only that each worksheet is printed / photocopied without modification and includes the whole page as it appears on line.
[In 'My Computer' or 'Control Panel' de-select "print background colours and images", to reduce ink usage.]
Each worksheet should print onto a single A4 sheet: select print page 1 (only) and adjust % if required to reduce size.

... the longest journey starts with a single step ...

1 TIMES TABLE Worksheet 1 Worksheet 2 Worksheet 3 Worksheet 4
2 TIMES TABLE Worksheet 5 Worksheet 6 Worksheet 7 Worksheet 8

3 TIMES TABLE Worksheet 9 Worksheet 10 Worksheet 11 Worksheet 12
4 TIMES TABLE Worksheet 13 Worksheet 14 Worksheet 15 Worksheet 16

5 TIMES TABLE Worksheet 17 Worksheet 18 Worksheet 19 Worksheet 20
6 TIMES TABLE Worksheet 21 Worksheet 22 Worksheet 23 Worksheet 24

7 TIMES TABLE Worksheet 25 Worksheet 26 Worksheet 27 Worksheet 28
8 TIMES TABLE Worksheet 29 Worksheet 30 Worksheet 31 Worksheet 32

9 TIMES TABLE Worksheet 33 Worksheet 34 Worksheet 35 Worksheet 36
10 TIMES TABLE Worksheet 37 Worksheet 38 Worksheet 39 Worksheet 40

11 TIMES TABLE Worksheet 41 Worksheet 42 Worksheet 43 Worksheet 44
12 TIMES TABLE Worksheet 45 Worksheet 46 Worksheet 47 Worksheet 48

records of tables learned and multiples learned Worksheet 49 Worksheet 50

chanting worksheets - with or without borders (see note above) Worksheet 51 Worksheet 52

see also "numbers 1-100" (a range of worksheets that can be coloured in for prime numbers, square numbers, divisible by 2, etc.)

Freeway - free worksheets for English, poetry writing, lateral thinking, mc lyrics, spellings, sounds and meanings, word search puzzles, making crosswords, dictionary usage, translation, French verbs, French vocabulary, Maths, addition, times tables multiplication, division and fractions

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... the longest journey starts with a single step ...

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