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Area 6 : News & Views


The longest journey starts with a single step .....................................................ancient Chinese proverb

Below is a selection of guestbook entries from the early days of this website. The pagebuilding schedule was so massive (and volumes of e-mails so huge)
that eventually we had to discontinue adding new guestbook entries, instead aiming to publicise where help might be found.

Recent information suggests that help for certain aspects of children's medical costs may be available through organizations listed at the CureSearch HOPE PORTAL.

... the longest journey starts with a single step ...

28th September 2005 *** Waleed's successful operation

We're delighted to say the following e-mail has just been received from Muhammad Ihsan Ul Haq in Pakistan, who wrote to us about his son Waleed, last November.

"Mr. Waleed has got his successful heart surgery from the Children's Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio, USA ... and all funds were provided by 'The First Hand Foundation USA'. ... Waleed is very happy and back to his home in Pakistan. He is going to school."

Our thanks to Muhammad for updating us :) We discovered the website for "The First Hand Foundation" listed on the CureSearch page for "National and International Resources: Financial Assistance".

30th March 2005 *** please help my son to see

Hello, my name is Larisa. I am 44 years old. I have 10 years son Andrey. Doctors found out that Andrey have a tumour at the bottom of an eyeball and now for him is necessary surgical operation. At a birth his sight was 25% on each eye. I am divorced and my former husband does not help me. I am teacher in school. My salary is 75$ per month. Operation and rehabilitation costs approximately 8000$. If I shall sell everything that I have, money for operation will not turn out. I address about the help in the government and welfare funds, but all of them speak that I waited half of year.

I wait 2 years, but it has not given any result. His sight worsens every year and after long years of treatment he sees only on 10% and if the operation isn't performed urgently, then gradually his sight absolutely will disappear. I address to you with the request for the help. Please, help to acquire hope for recovery sight of my child. I shall be the happiest mother if my son will be the healthy child. Even if you can help some dollars, that it can play a role in this case. God blesses you!

Larisa Stoycheva
Yoshkar-Ola, festivalnaya street, Flat 1, house 77a, Festivalnaya street, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia.

Please note: as per other guestbook entries we must request people pursue verification enquiries independently - Penny.

Footnote: see also Appeals Russia

11th November 2004 *** Please help save my son's life

A letter was received from Muhammad Ihsan Ul Haq, in Pakistan, asking for help for his then 3-year-old son Waleed, who needed an urgent heart operation. We're very pleased to say Waleed has now had his operation (see update here).

1st May 2004 *** Hi from Russia

Polly ... can you help her to hear properly again? My name is Yevgeniya. I'm a 38-old mom of 2 charming kids. We live in Cheboksary, the capital of the Chuvash republic.

Further to my letter of July 17 2000, a wonderful lady in the USA was kind enough to help my little daughter Polly (then 5 years old) with getting powerful digital hearing aids. This has changed my daughter's life so very much! Polly is 9 now - she studies at a regular secondary school in Cheboksary and is considered to be one of the best pupils in her class. She enjoys studying very much and loves to read books like "Gone with the Wind"; she speaks English well and I help in her class as a guest teacher.

Unfortunately Polly's hearing has now got much worse. Her left ear hears nothing even with the most powerful digital hearing aid, and Polly's doctor has recommended us to apply for a cochlear implant. The Children's Hospital in Seattle has already reviewed Polly's Russian records and feels that she may be a candidate for surgery. However we CANNOT AFFORD the cost of this ..... Polly needs US$75000-80000 for this operation and we don't know where to turn. Would any of the people who visit your site now, be able to help us?

If anyone can help in any way, or has any questions, please feel free to contact me at the address given below.

Thank you ..... Yevgeniya
Mrs YG Grigoryev, Elger str. 16-189, Cheboksary, Chuvashia 428025, RUSSIA. Phone: [7- 835-2] 455882 E-mail: firehorse1966@mail.ru

Footnote: see also Appeals Russia

16th September 2003 *** CHARLIE YELLOW

Further to my earlier letter I am delighted to report that after the hospital in Minnesota kindly reduced its fees, Charlie has finally had the operation to repair and extend his oesophagus - and is able to eat solid food for the first time in his life. Help is still needed though - please see Charlie's website.

John Soulsbury (Charlie's granddad) [England, UK]

7th March 2003 *** excellent resource, thank you so much!!

I have an 11 year old and a 7 year old daughter, both struggling with math. They both understand the concepts, however, both need to practise more frequently. I have been discouraged by the cost involved in expensive on-line training and I don't believe video or audiotape are the right way to teach your children.

Then I found your web page, purely by chance. It was sent straight from Heaven. Your math worksheets are perfect. I can hand them out, one at a time, and we can move at their pace. Now our evenings are spent not blindly staring at a computer screen or listening to a noisy TV and VCR but as a family learning math, and enjoying it!

Thanks again,
Randy Griggs
Portage, MI USA

Footnote: free Maths worksheets - Addition, Times Tables, Division, Fractions, Numbers 1-100 (square numbers, prime numbers etc.)

31st May 2002 *** help urgently requested

I am running an orphanage, hospital, and community school for the orphans, street kids and other children from the communities who can not afford to pay for schooling at government schools.

I am in a financial need to meet my budget and I am having a project of constructing 6 blocks of classrooms and rooms for accommodation

I appealing for financial assistance of about 6000 British Pounds from anyone out there who can help. Any amount towards this target is most welcome. If there are any applications which I need to complete, please may you send them through the mail address given to you below this letter.

God Bless You
Bishop Teddy Nshome
Buchi Helping Hands Community Projects
P O Box 20650
Kitwe, Zambia

Please note: as per other guestbook entries we must request people pursue verification enquiries independently - Penny.
Footnote - see also Appeals Zambia.

9th September 2001 *** homeless children in the USA

Stand Up for Kids - homeless street children in the USA

There are an estimated 1.3 million homeless kids living on the streets in the USA. Many have had no choice but to run away, to escape untenable home environments - and find themselves trapped on the streets with seemingly no way back to a normal way of life.

Stand Up For Kids is making a real difference. We are all volunteers and have built the largest nonprofit organization in the US that works on the streets with homeless and street kids. Did you know that in some states it is illegal even to feed homeless and street kids? Many of these are kids that *can't* go home ..... so what alternatives are left for them? 13 kids on the street die EVERY DAY.

We would appreciate any help anyone can offer. If you'd like to help make a difference - with a donation, or fundraising, or a little of your time, or maybe providing a few of the practical items we need to help these kids, please e-mail me on RickK@standupforkids.org.

Thank you.

Best Regards, Rick Koca - Founder and CEO - StandUp For Kids.

[background - STANDUP FOR KIDS was founded in 1990 by retired U.S. Navy officer Richard L. Koca. In 1987 he had seen a CBS broadcast, 48 Hours, about street kids in San Diego, California. Rick was so disturbed by this report that when the Navy sent him to San Diego the following year, he immediately became involved in walking the streets to identify homeless teens and get them into shelters.]

Footnote: see also Appeals USA

17th August 2001 *** Volunteers needed

Cross-Cultural Solutions is one of the leading international volunteer organizations in the United States and sends over 1,000 volunteers overseas every year.

Our volunteers mentor orphans in Russia, teach English to children in China, care for disabled children in India and Peru, and play sports and do crafts with children in Ghana, among other activities.

Anyone who would like more information about volunteering is welcome to visit our website.


Kristin Hegazy

Footnote: see also the Appeals pages for Russia, China, India, Peru, Brazil, Guatemala, Tanzania, Thailand and Ghana

11th August 2001 *** Wow!

I found your site whilst looking for online translation services. I forgot all about my purpose and spent the next hour or so visiting you! What a wonderful site. I am humbled by the projects ongoing around the world. I have mailed the site to everyone I know. This is exactly what the Internet should be for.

Lucy (UK)

12th March 2001 *** Canadian Schools

I found your website while searching for information about public schools in British Columbia and schooling as a whole in Canada.

I am from South Africa, and will be will be emigrating to Canada in about one year from now. I have 2 children - aged 10(Gr 5) & 7 (Gr 2) and have always been actively involved in their school life. I have just been re-elected for a second 3 year term of office on the school Governing Body.

Having made the decision to emigrate to Canada, it has become important for all of us to start doing some research about the Canadian education system and schools in general. We have found this website to be most informative in all respects and have bookmarked it to return regularly.

Thank you for this superbly laid out and informative resource.

Kind Regards, Angela Foxcroft

Footnote: see Schools Canada, part of Schools Interchange.

12th March 2001 *** Your website is very useful

Thanks for spending the time to help others like myself to create a web site!!! I have printed off the instructions and will use them to help me design, build and upload my own web site on the internet.

Regards, James

Footnote: see our free-to-print "Build Your Own Website" guide, based on the software used to build the Project HappyChild website.

22nd December 2000 *** thank you from Mongolia

Just wanted to say thank you for this amazing website. I am working with street children in Mongolia and have little access to resources. Your math sheets are proving invaluable - as they need little adjustment to be put into Mongolian. You are doing a great job, thanks! :)

Michelle Lewis

Footnote: see simple addition worksheets, and the full set of worksheets for learning / teaching times tables

20th October 2000 *** What a wonderful website!

As a webdesigner, I've browsed countless websites and can honestly say yours demonstrates that content is king. Not only that but your cause is the perfect example of why and how the Internet can benefit the world. I look forward to seeing how your organisation develops!

Joel Lipman
Green Globe 21

17th July 2000 *** what a site !!!

I am a learning support assistant in Warrington and it is great to see a site with so much help and information.
I hope the site grows and grows and send my best wishes to all involved.
S. Ledgerton, Warrington

17th July 2000
Appeal received from Eugenia in Russia, requesting help for her five year old daughter who needed hearing aids - we're delighted to say that this appeal has been more than fulfilled by a lady in America (who has asked to remain anonymous).

16th May 2000 *** first time visitor

I have just found your site on a search engine for educators, boy am I happy!
Your site is fantastic, so full of resources, it knocks your socks off! I will definitely add this to my favorite places list.
Bruce H.

24th March 2000 *** Street Children, Romania [see also 2002 update below]

... (excerpt) ... I am writing in the hope that someone amongst your visitors may be able to help us. My husband and I plan to move to Romania to work long term there with street children. We will have a little support from some Christian friends but we think that we will need to be at least partly self-supporting while living there ... Our heart is with these children, this summer we drove over with our own children and spent the summer there with the kids and more than anything we would like to do something. In Bucharest also and other places in Romania the need is great and the workers are few.
Thank you for reading this letter, I look forward to any help anyone might be able to offer, and if not, God bless you all anyway!
Katy Cloke

31st October 2002: We were delighted to receive this update from Ken & Katy:
"... We did actually move to Arad, Romania in September 2000 and have been living in Arad for the past two years, and have now set up a small charity called in English "A Child's Dream" which aims to work with street children and those at risk of coming to the streets.
Once again we would like to thank you for your Web site and say (along with many others) - this is what the Internet should be used for!
Thank you
Kenneth and Kathryn Cloke (Arad, formerly Glasgow!)"

Editor's Note: see Katy's blog ("a child's dream") for details of how all this progressed, and for current contact details.

Footnote - see also Appeals Romania.

23rd March 2000 *** Azerbaijan hospital
We represent the fund "Umid" (meaning "hope"), in Azerbaijan, recently established as a charity to help children, women, refugees and other unprotected people, regardless of their faith or nationality.
The majority of founders and members of Umid are medically highly qualified and we wish to set up a hospital to operate on a charitable basis [virtually all medical aid in Azerbaijan is currently charged for].
We would welcome help from any interested companies and institutions, to help equip and fund the hospital [a building will be made available by existing members of Umid].
Please contact us if you can help in any way.
Prof. Dr. Jamil Aliyev [President]
Azerbaijan, Baku 370007, 59/21 Str. S.Rustam, AZERBAIJAN.

[please note that this Appeal arrived in German, we have translated to the best of our ability. As per other guestbook entries we must request people pursue verification enquiries independently - Penny.]

Footnote - see also Appeals Azerbaijan.

6th March 2000 *** Your Site
I'm Daphne Couvillon and I live in Houston, Texas, USA. Just wanted you all to know how much I enjoy your great site. I homeschool a grandchild and will soon be hsing 3. Thank you so much for all the great information ya'll have.
Dee Couvillon

6th March 2000 *** Project HappyChild
A brilliant web site - so professional and informative....very proud to be on its pages.
Alan Bennett
Humanitarian Aid Transport Services

20th February 2000. *** Most enjoyable site
Your site was recommended and it is indeed excellent - wish I had helps like this when I was in school 50 years ago.
Cliff Westcombe.

6th February 2000. ***
I am a primary school teacher and have been interested in accelerated learning and am following a language course. I am very excited with your materials and I will be using them in my class. I would love to be on your mailing list if you have one. Keep up this wonderful work.
Best wishes,
Anita Chiroma

Footnote - see Project HappyChild News [free subscription facility at the foot of all main site index pages].

4th February 2000. *** Your organization
Just writing to let you know how impressed I have been after surfing your web page. I, myself, am very interested in helping African children. I live in New York, US, and would appreciate very much if you could update me on your activities and related issues, either by e-mail or regular mail.
Barbara Shamenek

2nd February 2000. *** Hello!
My name is Sanita and I am writing from a little town in Latvia - Tukums. I am working at Tukums NGO Centre and from time to time I am looking for useable information in Internet. It was really great to meet you, Happy Child, and I have to say that you have a really exciting design. See you again!
Sunita Ribena

Our thanks to all visitors to Project HappyChild who responded to the Appeal (on site from December 1999) from Scott McDonald, Task Force Falcon, USA, for supplies, such as pens, pencils, crayons, paper for the school sponsored by the 709th MP Battalion in Kosovo.
Scott McDonald's follow-up letter of 6th December 2001 is included on the previous Appeal page.

14th December 1999 ***
I'm writing from Likii Hill School, in Nanyuki, Kenya. We have already hosted several American teachers and students and would be interested in hosting some European and British students and teachers.
We look forward to replies.
Thanks, Kabby Githaiga [Manager]
Footnote - see Schools Kenya.

24th September 1999 *** Great site!
I just discovered your site today through Nelson Larance's Finelines Office Tips. I am a mother of four, and a home-based working mom. I home school my 16 year old and think that your site will be invaluable to us. Also, your build your own website free to print guide is great!
Leeann Huffman

Footnote - see "Build Your Own Website".

13th September 1999 *** Awesome Site!
This is one of the best sites that I have seen on the internet and I have been using the internet for 2 years now. I have sent this page to numerous friends who deal with children. I am a daycare director and although my children range from birth to 4, I will still use this site and tell all my friends about it. Thanks so much for doing this page for children all around the world.

9th September 1999
Wow what can I say!
I've been looking for a site like this for ages.
I work with people with special needs and ..... well this site answers all of my questions.
Well Done !
Darren Weston (UK)

9th September 1999 *** looks interesting
I was directed to your site by recommendation of "Finelines TIPS" monthly news letter. I intend to explore more thoroughly. Will bring to the attention of our local librarian and school.
Carol J. Henderson

26th August 1999 *** Beautiful Web Site
I do a lot of "surfing" and your site is one of the best I've seen....keep up the good work....
Gene A. Masters

26th August 1999.
I visited your site from a web advertisement. Wonderfully interesting and informative. We will add your link to our pages.
Vince de Rosa, Knights of Columbus [Chicago, USA]

25th August 1999 *** your site
I read your article in Internet Day and was interested in taking a look at your site. Wow! You've done a great job, this has so many resources.
Regional Recycling Centre (USA)

17th August 1999.
Great information.
S. McDonald, Mahora Primary School (New Zealand)

2nd July 1999. *** Web site.
A very interesting web site. I wish you success with Project HappyChild.
Regards from Paul Hayden (UK).

1st July 1999. *** New Customer.
I think this site is excellent and keep up the good work, I look forward to ordering and using your software once I get an order form and catalogue.
Gary Jones (Oxon, England)

Footnote: this e-mail related to the educational software and games previously advertised in the Project HappyChild shop (since closed) - Penny.

7th June 1999. *** Wow!
What a terrific resource! I know that I will visit your web site often.
Thank you for your obvious enthusiasm and energy and for the great work you are doing.
Please subscribe me to the Project Happy Child Newsletter.
Art Lader (South Carolina, USA)

Footnote - see Project HappyChild News [free subscription facility at the foot of all main site index pages].

7th June 1999.
I found this site quite by accident when searching for information on Anti Slavery International. I must say it is a fascinating site and I have found out a lot of information and used it to link to other equally fascinating sites. Congratulations - a really terrific resource!
Vivienne J. Banks (UK)

27th May 1999.
This site looks good, am interested to see how it develops and imagine I will visit often.
Nola Cavallaro (Australia)

26th May 1999. *** Request (Chennai, India) *** see also Michael Tipper's article about Chennai
Dear Sir/Madam,
I, the correspondent of St. Teresa's Matriculation School bring to your kind information that I have started the school on 14th June 1994 at Salamangalam, Padappai, Chennai, India with classes from Pre-KG to 8th std. There are many villages here, but no schools. We started with only 5 students which has gradually risen to 58 students at present. There are 4 teachers, 2 non-teaching staff. We teach English, Hindi, Tamil, Craft, Yoga, Music, Science and Maths. Although we are trying our best to attract more students, we have failed to do so because their parents cannot afford to provide formal education for their children, and our own lack of funds prevents us from giving concessions for admittance. The nominal fees we are now receiving are not enough to maintain the school.
Since our sole aim is to educate students below the poverty line and to provide vocational courses like tailoring, handicrafts, carpentry and computing from the next academic year, we would be grateful for any help offered in enabling us to assist deprived students thus fulfilling their future aspirations to become good and useful citizens of this country.

Benedict Xavier
E-mail: bene_98@hotmail.com

Footnote: this e-mail came in for our "Appeals" area. As inclusions for Appeals are generally from established charities it was felt that this letter would be best placed in our "guestbook". We would recommend that anyone wishing to actively support this project should make independent enquiries to verify all the background as we are unable to provide related information. We do not wish to exclude worthy projects from our site but it must be clearly understood that we have no means of establishing the accuracy - or source - of such e-mails and all responsibility for verification rests with anyone replying to e-mails of this nature. - Penny [however see Mike Tipper's subsequent page about his visit to St. Teresa's].
* 2nd April 2001 - e-mail received from BX giving the name of the new Trust through which the school now operates, to facilitate verification enquiries. Trust details provided are as follows: St.Teresa Educational Trust, Current Account No:1571, Karur Vysya Bank Ltd, Tambaram Branch, Chennai-600045.
Footnote - see also Appeals India and news update 25th August 2005.

19th April 1999. *** Website
I stumbled across your very comprehensive website while looking for information related to patterns and brain development. Not only did I find what I was looking for, but so much more. I copied the info on building a website, and hope to have time soon to try it.
Thank you,
Hilde Reno

Footnote - see Accelerated Learning and "Build Your Own Website".

14th April 1999. *** Thanks
Jan (my wife) and I are just about to return to teaching after 12 years in industry. We are going to assist in setting up a Church of England school in Macau (Portugese colony next to Hong Kong) so these pages are going to be extreeeemly useful.
Your project will be in our prayers.
Thank you
Phil (& Jan)
Footnote (July 2000) - see Schools Macau.

7th April 1999. *** Jodie Choules (UK)
A letter was received from Paul Draper, about the Jodie Choules appeal which needed to raise Ł25,000 for a 2-year-old little girl from Sunbury, Middlesex. Jodie suffers from cerebal palsy and is unlikely ever to walk; she also suffers from epilepsy and poor hearing. Due to her disabilities, Jodie's home needed to be adapted to enable her to live on one level, which will ultimately improve her quality of life.

We're delighted to report (November 2000) that Jodie's home has now been adapted [after help from various quarters, including her grandparents] - however we're informed that Jodie's parents are having trouble proving their negligence case against the hospital who have apparently "lost" the foetal traces which would have proved the time of her mother's arrival at the labour ward. We trust this matter will be properly resolved - Penny.

10th March 1999 *** The Web Site
I have just had a wander around the site and I am even more impressed with what you have achieved in such a short space of time. I am really proud to be associated with, and a part of, such a fabulous project and look forward to contributing to your vision now and in the future.
Best wishes
[Michael Tipper writes the Accelerated Learning area of Project HappyChild]

10th February 1999. *** Congratulations
I would like to congratulate you on a very interesting and well set-up site.
I have been "visiting" the site since October and I really enjoy it, especially the accelerated learning section (both for myself and with the intention of helping my two young children). Keep up the good work.
Iseult McCloskey
(living in Luxembourg)

Footnote - see Schools Luxembourg.

7th February 1999. *** This site looks great!
Hello, I have two young children ..... coming across your site may be just what I've been looking for. My children and I are going to visit your site frequently.
Bob Schlack.

30th January 1999 *** first visit to happychild.
I like the idea, would it be possible to include pre-school education as well. I will be teaching a small pre-school in the next academic year and would be very interested in worksheets and information.
Sarah Clarke

Footnote - see Bricks & Mortar: basic reading skills, a simple introduction to letters and word structure, also simple addition worksheets (helping children learn basic number bonds).

11th January 1999 ** * Site Review.
I was browsing the Internet looking for fundraising ideas for our cubs and scouts when I came upon your site. Upon investigation, I was most impressed with what I found. I plan on coming back and using some of your worksheets to help my child develop his reading. I also plan on telling a few friends about your site.
I live in Canada, in New Brunswick and would like to see some Canadian schools featured.
Karen Wilson.

Extended links to Canadian schools on line 28.1.99 - see https://www.happychild.org.uk/schools/canada/index.htm#canada - Penny.

21st Nov 1998 *** Web Site.
You have the makings of an excellent site.
Best wishes
Tony Spendel
Wallerscote School

6th Nov 1998 *** webpage building.
Thanks Penny for such a detailed stage by stage account of building webpages.
I would highly recommend these notes to anyone trying their hand at web building.
Schools and families alike would benefit greatly from them.

Footnote - see "Build Your Own Website".

... the longest journey starts with a single step ...

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Your support is always welcomed for the Children's Charities in the Project HappyChild Directory - just click here for details of 80+ organizations.

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