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The longest journey starts with a single step .....................................................ancient Chinese proverb

This page is part of the main News archive of the site-building "as it happened" going back to 1998/9. Click here for Latest Site News or select from the table below for archived Newsletters and News pages:
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... the longest journey starts with a single step ...

21st November 2007:
CHILDREN WITH SPEECH AND LANGUAGE DIFFICULTIES: UK visitors with a SKY account can support I CAN's bid to become Sky's next charity partner.

A new report by I CAN - see The X-cluded factor - points out that "on average 60% of young offenders have SLCN" (speech, language and communication needs).

To register your support for I CAN being supported by SKY, just register your vote at the sky website here - voting closes on 23rd November 2007.

12th November 2007:
FREE DUAL-LANGUAGE WORKSHEETS: Just a note to advise that (a lot of) work continues here on the "Any Language to English" area.

So far, French-English worksheets (verbs and vocabulary), Romanian-English (verbs), Russian-English (vocabulary) and Polish-English (vocabulary) worksheets are on line. Other worksheet sets in preparation can be seen on the Translators' page (all translation and checking is being done free of charge by site visitors across the world).

New worksheet sets due on line by around Christmas include Spanish-English vocabulary, German-English verbs, German-English vocabulary and Romanian vocabulary, so there's a great deal of work going on behind the scenes here :)

We'd also much appreciate some further offers of help with translating and checking Italian, if any language professionals amongst our site visitors have some time to spare.

The work on Andy's Guide to Pokémon is also continuing - *long* task - but all going well, that too should be completed and up to date by around Christmas 2007.

3rd September 2007:
ANDY'S GUIDE TO POKÉMON Having spent the last seven years intermittently building Andy's Guide to Pokémon, we've become aware in recent months that there is *so* much kids are expected to remember or know, to successfully play the different Pokémon versions, that it was becoming - very - difficult to keep track of everything (difficult for us, let alone our visitors).

So we've created new Pokédexes to give kids just one aspect of what they need to know - how/where to get/find the individual Pokémon (now numbering nearly 500). When you consider that there are probably at least 100 different little bits of information associated with each of the Pokémon - the different attacks it can use, the various different TMs and HMs it can use, its stats, all the related breeding and egg information, and much else, which varies from one Pokémon version to the next (let alone all the peripheral info about routes and towns and trainers and gyms and badges and so on), our reckoning is that kids are potentially dealing with anything from 100,000-upwards separate bits of information across the 15 Pokémon versions for which we've provided dexes.

Any parent thinking of going out and buying the Diamond or Pearl games as an introduction to Pokémon for their seven-year-old might want to take a look at the Diamond + Pearl pokédex before they do so. It's wonderful that Nintendo have been so inventive/resourceful, but there's the dual factor that younger kids are inevitably going to be swamped by needing to take this amount of information on board (and the info we've included across all nine new dexes we've now made [around 10,000 'bits of data'] is maybe one per cent of all the inter-related game factors, which would indicate rather more than 100,000 potential factors in total). What we've done by creating the dexes is to try to provide some landmarks so kids will at least have *some* prospect of being able to successfully play the game/s.

There is, for us, a lot of work ahead, to link the relevant "original pokémon" from their relative dexes to the vast reams of "cheats, tips and shortcuts" that have come in from children and teenagers in recent years, explaining further factors of the various games - let alone interlinking all the new info from the existing pages at Andy's Guide - but we're just taking things in stages for the time being. The primary thing, from our viewpoint, was to get at least a *framework* on line, around all 493 individual pokémon characters, and take things from there.

Visitors can access all the other dexes (fire red / leaf green, national dex, emerald dex, ruby sapphire dex, etc.) from the Diamond + Pearl pokédex page. Any changes required to info provided will, as always, be forthcoming in due course from our visitors :)

28th August 2007:
DIGITAL PUPPIES - VIRUS - WORM: Just a brief note to advise visitors that the STORM WORM is in circulation via a harmless-looking e-mail about "digital puppies", which asks for help in testing out some software.

Text of the e-mail includes:

Would you consider helping us with your opinion of our new program Digital Puppies

This beta testing will enable us to fine tune the software for public release. To say thanks, Beta testers will receive a free copy and 5 years of free updates.

... along with a link to directly download the "software" (the link probably ending in setup.exe). It's recommended to delete the e-mail (and also remove it from your deleted items folder).

14th August 2007:
HARRY POTTER FILM FIVE: Our Review of film five, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, is now finally on line .... worth going to see on the big screen, if you haven't already :)

Andy's Guide to Pokémon: A fair amount of work has been going on in recent weeks, to deal with the still-huge backlog of mail and create new areas for Diamond + Pearl, Pokémon Emerald and Pokémon Crystal, amongst others. The new message-forms are working very well and masses of kids and teenagers are sending in info to help younger children, with the result that the help pages are increasing on a regular basis. More details on the "Cheats, Tips + Shortcuts" page here.

21st July 2007:
HARRY POTTER BOOK SEVEN: Just a brief note to say that the first Review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is now on line here - no spoilers, needless to say :)

7th July 2007: FREE POLISH-ENGLISH WORKSHEETS: Long haul, but we're delighted to say they are all now up on line ..... 400+ Polish-English vocabulary worksheets. Many many thanks go to Joanna Poplawska and Ewa Antonina Stelmach for the months spent translating and checking - we know from e-mails received that these worksheets are keenly awaited, particularly by schools.

The new "Wall-to-Wall Polish" area is also available for vocabulary - verbs will be added in due course, but not for some while yet.

... and finally ... we wanted to do something to mark today's date, 070707, two years on from the tragedy of the London bombings. We had no idea when creating the new resource detailed below, that more terrorist attacks on the UK were even then being planned, and obviously it has only been incredible luck and the alertness and bravery of a few individuals, that have in recent days averted major disasters.

What we've now created is "the Internet paintbox". Just somewhere for kids to learn a little more about how colours are made on the Internet, with a huge range of exact shades of colour to choose from, when building webpages. Life for many people is difficult enough without terrorist bombs, and we just wanted to mark today's date with a small contribution to the sharing of resources worldwide.

7th July 2007:
SHIPPING HELP REQUEST - USA to GUATEMALA: The following request has come in from one of our visitors. Does anyone know of a shipping organization that would give special rates for consignments like this one? Please write to us here (see the "contact" page) and we'll pass on any replies to Jennifer.

I am writing from the United States with a desperate question. After visiting Guatemala during Spring break and volunteering at an elementary school with extremely minimal conditions, I held a school supply drive in my school district where I teach. The response was overwhelming. I'm sure you can imagine the question I am facing now: how to ship.

I have no idea where to turn for help or guidance. Large corporations seem to only be able to offer reduced-price shipping when there is an emergency crisis or disaster in a country.

If you have any suggestions as to how to get about fifty boxes of school supplies to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, I would truly appreciate it ... these children are in a two-room classroom with two teachers: one of whom is paid by the government and one who relies totally on donations from benefactors to pay her salary. The school is made of corrugated metal, with no windows and a dirt floor. During rainy season the floor becomes a mud bog.

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Jennifer, Prairie High School, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

5th July 2007: DUAL LANGUAGE WORKSHEETS: Work continues on the preparation of worksheets for various languages - see the Translators' page here - we would still welcome help from language professionals, for checking Italian vocabulary (and volunteers for any other available languages that people can offer).

The Polish-English vocabulary worksheets are almost completed and are scheduled to be on line within the next few days, all going well. More news as we have it :)

27th May 2007:
POKÉMON TEAM MEMBERS: With the continuing high levels of traffic to Andy's Guide to Pokemon, regular visitors are now being invited to join the TEAM, to enable the site to be cross-referenced and interlinked more effectively.

To counter the seemingly-endless mail problems of recent months, we've created on-line forms for all Pokémon input - available via the "cheats + help" area.

23rd May 2007: SCHOOL DESKS AND CHAIRS: Our thanks to Tony Smith, parent governor at an infant school in Cheltenham, Glos., for letting us know that the school is offering about 60 desks and 200 chairs which are no longer required. These are available for collection in June 2007 - please see the Surplus Resources page for details of how to contact Tony, if you could make use of these. [later: all resources now successfully allocated]

10th May 2007: PRIME MINISTERS OF GREAT BRITAIN: Following today's announcement that Tony Blair has finally set a leaving date, our page for UK Prime Ministers has now been updated :) More news about Blair's promise to leave on 27th June can be found at BBC News here.

25th April 2007: ENGLISH-ROMANIAN WORKSHEETS: We're very happy to say that 390+ Romanian verbs worksheets are now on line - and our thanks to Vera Costea and Anca Greere, who have made this possible. All the worksheets can be used for English-Romanian, and Romanian-English.

All going well, the Romanian vocabulary worksheets will be able to go up on line later this year. The new "Wall-to-Wall Romanian" area is currently available also, for verbs only at this stage.

18th April 2007: TOOLS FOR DEVELOPING COUNTRIES: News just received here of an organization called "TWAM" - TOOLS WITH A MISSION - a Christian Charity which sends gifts of good quality tools to many countries - website here.

The types of tools TWAM sends is very wide-ranging - everything from hammers, chisels, feeler gauges and wire brushes, to sewing machines and wheel nut spanners - and there are lists of many container-loads of tools sent to countries in Africa in recent years.

We've added details to the resources required and surplus items pages on the site here - there have been many requests for items of this nature in the last several years and it is good to be able to feature an organization that is dealing with this very real need.

11th April 2007:
Project HappyChild News: Just a note to say that a new edition of our Newsletter is finally on line :) - here - it's been some considerable while since the last one. Lots of other scheduled work in the pipeline but we're hoping to make the Newsletters a little more regular this year.

Also now uploaded: Michael Tipper's second article on The Top Ten Study Tips Of All Time.

1st April 2007: RUSSIAN: As many of you know, a huge amount of work is going on, from volunteers across the world, translating the databases to provide free dual-language translation worksheets.

We're delighted to say that 400+ Russian vocabulary worksheets are now on line - and our thanks to Oksana, and to Eyvor Fogarty, who have made this possible. All the worksheets can be used for English-Russian, and Russian-English.

Our thanks also to Vera Costea and Anca Greere who have completed the translation of the Romanian verbs - there have been a few processing difficulties in recent days (ISP/cgi server) but all going well we hope to have these on line very soon also.

Details of other people who have offered (free) help with translation and checking of a number of languages can be found on line here. Further offers would be much appreciated! It's quite a lot of work to translate or check the database content for any language, but the hundreds of free dual-language worksheets that can be generated from the database can make a lot of difference for kids worldwide.

18th March 2007:
EVENTS CALENDAR 2007: We're delighted to say that the updated Events Calendar for 2007 is now on line - probably the most awesome range of events ranging funds for disadvantaged kids that we have ever featured :)

Celebrity events, golf days, dog-sledding in Sweden, the Grand Canyon challenge, "The Italian Job 2007", the Mad Hatter's Lunch, the Sense City Ice Skate, Dragonboat racing, Easter Eggstravaganza ..... everything imaginable and they all raise much-needed funds to benefit children in one way or another.

Do take a look at the Events Calendar and let us know what you decide to take part in - we're happy to feature photos and news reports if you send them in to us after your event.

11th March 2007: ACCELERATED LEARNING: With examinations approaching for many, Michael Tipper's new feature article is well timed - "The Top Ten Study Tips Of All Time". Lots of practical advice on how to best organise study time and prepare as completely as possible for exams. We've also added in the new e-mail address for those site visitors who want to write to Michael about any aspects of Accelerated Learning.

Our thanks to everyone who has re-sent "lost mail items" recently (for the site as a whole) or e-mailed for other reasons - there's a lot going on here but we'll be in touch as soon as we can :)

19th February 2007: Just a brief update, so visitors are aware of the current situation :)

We became aware a couple of days ago that due to a mailbox problem (at our ISP, not here), mail to the penny2007 address was being blackholed, and has been since about mid-January. So if you haven't had a reply to your e-mail, our apologies - please do send again. Our ISP has fixed this problem now, hopefully permanently - and also been able to sort out the 150,000+ email-spam-residue, so that the previous backlog is cleared and we are no longer being bombarded with mail avalanches at every download.

Likewise, due to a php conflict (again not here!) the newsletter-subscribe facility hasn't been working for some time - the main page at www.happychild.org.uk now has the newsletter sign-up operational again (please scroll to the bottom of that page) - the sign-up facility on other pages will be amended as soon as feasible.

On a personal level, my mother passed away late January, and I'm unable to be here a great deal at present. Meanwhile there is a significant amount to be resolved, due to the mailbox issues of the last few weeks, so it may be a while before site updates return to anything like the normal level.

We'll be back in touch when we can :) in the meantime our thanks to all visitors for their patience at this difficult time for us.

7th January 2007: We'd like to wish all our visitors a very Happy New Year :)

As usual things are flat out here - and no, there won't be a Newsletter just yet! - but we're delighted to say that the Sounds Database [ English - Spellings, Sounds + Meanings ] is now finally completed and we're hoping to receive the new worksheets for this area from New Zealand shortly :) All the sub-group index pages, all the words, and all the sound files are now fully on line, and you should be able to make use of all aspects of this resource by means of the template worksheets.

We are hopefully very close to uploading the Romanian verbs worksheets (English/Romanian) and work is progressing on several other language sets in the Any Language to English area. More details will be added to the Translators' page as soon as we can. We urgently need a professional linguist to check half the Italian vocabulary - any offers? the work's unpaid as you all know :) but would mean we could get the first block of Italian/English worksheets on line shortly. Any help - with any language - would be much appreciated.

There's a "contact" link at the bottom of all site pages with details of how to get in touch - please only use these addresses for essential mail! and please do re-send if you don't get an autoresponder. Our default mailbox has over 100,000 e-mails in it we can't access at present [spam avalanche]; if you haven't received an autoresponder it probably means your e-mail hasn't got through. If all visitors could re-send anything sent to us since 1st December 2006 that might make life rather easier here :)

This page is part of the main News archive of the site-building "as it happened" going back to 1998/9. Click here for Latest Site News or select from the table below for archived Newsletters and News pages:
Newsletter archives: 2007-2014 2005 2003/4 2002 2001 2000 1999
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News page archives: May-Aug 2001 Jan-Apr 2001 Sept-Dec 2000 May-Aug 2000 Jan-Apr 2000 1999 Kathryn

... the longest journey starts with a single step ...

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