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Michael's Walk Through

Walkthrough written by Michael M in the USA [23rd April 2004]

Insert your Pokémon Gold or Silver version game into your Game Boy system and turn it on. Press A to get to the options menu and select New Game.

When the game begins, you will be asked what time it is. Put in the time at the place you live in real life or whatever time you want to put in. After that Professor Oak will talk to you about Pokémon.

Next you can put in the name you want to have for the game. You'll appear in your room so go downstairs. Your Mom will immediately walk up to you and say that your neighbour, Professor Elm, wanted you to run an errand for him.

Then she will give you your Pokégear. Your Pokégear holds items like map cards and radio cards.

Next you put the day of the week in and say whether its daylight savings time. Yes, Gold and Silver can keep track of even DST.

She'll tell you how to use the phone and you'll be off! Go to the house right to the left of you. Go inside and Professor Elm will tell you that his friend found something and wants Professor Elm to look at it.

He'll give you a Pokémon to complete this mission. You can choose from either CHIKORITA, which is like BULBASAUR, CYNDAQUIL, like CHARMANDER, or TOTODILE, like SQUIRTLE.

Finish talking to him then you can go outside. When outside you notice a person looking at Professor Elm's lab. Talk to him and he'll kick you out. But who cares! This is the fun part!

Go to the trail to the left of Professor Elm's house and you'll find Pokémon! Battle a couple and you'll get to the next level quickly. After a few battles, your gameboy might say "(your Pokémon) Recovered with a berry!"

There are new items called berries and there are several different ones that do different things. This berry heals your Pokémon's HP by 10.

There's also a new twist that's not in blue, red, or yellow - your Pokémon can hold items so you don't have to go to pack in the middle of the battle and waste your turn.

But remember that Pokémon won't know how to use a man-made item like a potion, only natural items.

Now follow the path to get to CHERRYGROVE CITY. Talk to the old man at the end of the path and he'll show you around - and give you a map card! Map cards and Radio cards and other useful things go in your Pokégear.

Heal your Pokémon at the Pokémon Center and go to the path above the town. Go around the cliff and go in the house.

The man in there will give you a berry for your Pokémon, and the tree next to his house has a berry in it, just face the tree and press A and you have a berry. Berry trees grow a new berry everyday.

Now go right and up through the grass and you'll come to a fork in the road. If you go left there will be trainers that won't let you pass. So go right and follow the path up.

You'll soon reach a house. Go in and Professor Elm's friend (his name is Mr. Pokémon) and Professor Oak will talk to you. You'll get a Pokédex and a mystery egg and your Pokémon will be healed.

Go out the door and you'll get called by Professor Elm who'll tell you something bad has happened and to go straight to the lab.

Go back to CHERRYGROVE CITY and heal your Pokémon. As soon as you head back to Professor Elm you'll be challenged by the person that kicked you earlier and you'll battle (soon to be your rival). If your Pokémon is level 8 or higher it should be easy.

Go to Professor Elm's house and there will be a police officer that tells you about a stolen Pokémon and the person that stole it was ... the person you battled a few minutes ago!

Now you give the mystery egg to Professor Elm. Then he tells you to try the gym league challenge and travel the world and stuff.

Now leave Professor Elm's lab and a guy will give you your Pokéballs so you can catch Pokémon!

So now we can go to the next town which is VIOLET CITY. Act like you're going to Mr. Pokémon's house but this time, the place that was blocked by trainers is free to go through.

Just follow the trail and fight the trainers and catch Pokémon until you get to the next town. There's a cave in front of the town called dark cave. There are some rare Pokémon in there.

At VIOLET CITY you should train your Pokémon at Sprout Tower. The trainers there use mostly BELLSPROUT which are easy to beat and are worth a lot of exp. points. Beat all the trainers and you'll receive HM05 (FLASH) for winning.

Now go to the gym. The trainers use bird Pokémon so it will be tough if you started with CHIKORITA. The gym leader, FALKNER, uses a LV7 PIDGEY and a LV9 PIDGEOTTO.

Once you beat FALKNER, Professor Elm will call and say that his assistant is at the Pokémon center to give you the mystery egg back. He says something like it will hatch if it grows but it can only grow if it's with other Pokémon.

Now go to the left of the town and you'll soon come across a shaky tree in the way. Since it won't move, just go down at the path under the gym and follow it.

You'll battle a couple of trainers and catch more Pokémon. At the bottom of the path there's a Pokémon center. There's an angler that will give you an old rod.

Now outside the Pokémon center and to the left there is a cave. It's not big so I don't think you need directions. On the other side of the cave there is a shady character standing in front of another cave that won't let you in. So go left and you'll be in AZALEA TOWN.

Go in the house next to the Pokémon center and talk to the old guy (his name is Kurt). He'll tell you about Team Rocket and then he will leave saying he's going to save the SLOWPOKE.

Go back to the cave that the black guy was guarding and you can go in. Kurt will be there and say that his back hurts and asks you to beat Team Rocket for him.

So follow the cave and beat all of Team Rocket. Then Kurt will say thanks and that he will make balls for you.

So now you can fight the gym leader. This gym uses bug Pokémon. If you started with CYNDAQUIL this place is easy. The gym leader, BUGSY, uses a LV12 METAPOD, LV12 KAKUNA, and a LV16 SCYTHER.

After you win, go left and you'll be stopped by your rival. He'll have a GASTLY, a ZUBAT, and the evolved form of his starting Pokémon. Once you win, you go into the house and out the other end and you're in Ilex Forest!

A person will be in there saying that he lost his Pokémon, FARFETCH'D. If you go get it for him, he gives you HM01 (CUT).

To do it, go to the FARFETCH'D and push A. Now go around the circle of trees and push A on it again, then follow and A again, then one more A and it will be with the boy again.

Then his boss gives you CUT. Go right and use CUT on the tree. Now go through the rest of the forest, which isn't hard.

On the other side will be a short Route. Go through it and you'll be in GOLDENROD CITY! Here is the biggest town in Gold/Silver. It has a huge department store, a game corner, a radio tower, a train station, and a bike shop.

In the radio tower, on the first floor, there is a contest to earn a radio card which lets you listen to the radio any time, anywhere.

And at the bike shop, which was moved from Cerulean City to here, they aren't getting many buyers so they'll let you advertise a bike for them. If you advertise enough, they'll let you have it for free.

And you can get the coin case in the underground path. Now go up above the town and train your Pokémon ( they probably aren't ready for the gym leader yet). There some new Pokémon to catch here too.

Try to battle all the trainers and keep going on until you find a place that looks familiar ... the shaky tree that was in your way before.

Now you could be ready for the gym leader but just to make sure to go catch a DROWZEE and then go to the department store, then go to the 5th floor and talk to all the people.

One of them will give you mystery gift. Another one of them will trade a MACHOP for your DROWZEE.

MACHOP is strong against the gym leader. Now you can challenge her. GOLDENROD's gym leader is WHITNEY.

She has a LV18 CLEFAIRY and a LV20 MILTANK. Watch out for the MILTANK, its rollout move doubles in power every turn and its milk drink recovers its HP. It's a NORMAL type so a well aimed karate chop will do it.

After you beat WHITNEY she'll start crying and forgets to give you the badge. Go to the Pokémon center and back and she'll give you the badge.

Now go to the house next door and a girl will give you a squirtbottle. Go to the shaky tree and save.

Then use the squirtbottle on the tree and it will be a wild SUDOWOODO, the only one in the game. That's why you should save right before it. SUDOWOODO will be LV20.

Now go right and talk to the guy closest to where the tree was. He'll give you rock smash.

Now that you can go through just go straight up and you're in Ecruteak City!

Now that you're in Ecruteak, you need to go to the house right above the Pokémon center and battle the five trainers up on the stage.

After you beat them, talk to the guy standing in front of a Pokémon and he'll give you HM03 (SURF).

Now go to the Pokémon center and a person will come out of the upstairs and talk to nurse Joy. If you talk to him he will say that he's Bill the pokémaniac. Then he will leave.

If you go to his house back next to the underground path in GOLDENROD CITY, then he'll give you an EEVEE.

Now you need to go to the burned tower in the very top left corner of the city.

Once you enter you need to go left until there's a gap and then go up then turn right at the back wall then go down and then you'll fight your rival.

He's got a KADABRA, a GASTLY, a ZUBAT, and the second evolved form of his starting Pokémon.

After you win, there will be a hole. Fall through the hole and you will land in the bottom level and there will be 3 Pokémon.

Approach them so that they run off. They are the legendary Pokémon, ENTEI, SUICUNE, and RAIKOU. They can now be found in the wild and will be at level 40.

They are extremely hard to catch, but there is a special way that makes it easier. They aren't like normal Pokémon. If you hurt them, their HP won't go back up.

So just wear them out after many sightings and it will be easier to catch them. You might also want to use a fast ball to catch them easier.

Next go to the house next to the Pokémon center and the guy there will give you an Itemfinder. Now you can go to the gym so go to there.

This gym uses GHOST type Pokémon so if you caught an ABRA at GOLDENROD then this gym is easy. There is an invisible trick floor there so be careful.

The way to get through is by going to the first trainer, then right until the second to the last step then up to the trainer then left until the second to the last step then up to the trainer then right until the second to the last step and then straight up to the top. Its sort of an "S."

The gym's leader is Morty and he has a LV20 GASTLY, 2 LV? HAUNTERs, and a LV25 GENGAR.

His GENGAR is very hard and uses hypnosis and then dream eater. Bring some awakenings or mint berries with you.

After you've beaten Morty go left of Ecruteak and follow that route then go down and follow that route until you're at Olivine City!

Once in Olivine, your rival will come out of the gym and tell you that the gym leader is at the lighthouse tending a sick Pokémon and that you should go there to train.

But first go to the restaurant next to the Pokémon center. A sailor is there, and he will give you HM04 (STRENGTH).

Now go to the lighthouse and go up the stairs and be sure to go back to the Pokémon center every once in a while, there are a LOT of trainers there.

The gym leader, Jasmine, is at the very top floor and the sick Pokémon is an AMPHAROS that lights the lighthouse.

Jasmine will ask you to go to Cianwood City to pick up a special medicine for AMPHAROS. So you agree and now to get out, just fall through all the holes on the right side. It's a great shortcut!

Now go left to the beaches and SURF on the water. Go to the left until you're smashing against the things that stop you from going any further and just follow them until you get to the other side and are on land again. It's an easy way to not get lost and skip most of the trainers.

Now that you're in Cianwood City, you can go get the medicine, battle the gym, and get FLY.

The gym here uses fighting Pokémon and again a KADABRA, or if you've had a chance to trade and evolve it, ALAKAZAM would be useful.

To get past the rocks that are in the way, use STRENGTH and move the two side boulders up one and the middle boulder to the side and go through.

The gym leader is Chuck and he uses a LV26 PRIMEAPE and a LV30 POLIWRATH.

After beating him, go outside and the lady pacing side to side just outside the gym will give you HM02 (FLY).

Now FLY back to Olivine City and go back up the lighthouse to Jasmine. She will give the medicine to AMPHAROS, and then return to the gym.

Jasmine uses the new STEEL type Pokémon. Among their few weaknesses is FIRE. Her Pokémon are 3 LV30 MAGNEMITEs and LV35 STEELIX. A good FIRE Pokémon will hit the MAGNEMITEs' weak spot; FIRE or WATER will work on STEELIX.

After you beat Jasmine, FLY back to Ecruteak, then go right this time. You'll come to a cave and a pond, SURF across the pond, and you'll be at a second cave and pond.

In this cave there is a trainer deep within that uses fighting Pokémon and if you find him and beat him then you'll receive a TYROGUE. But I don't remember the way to him, so you'll have to find him on your own.

Anyway, SURF across the second pond and then walk right towards the next town. Soon you'll be in Mahogany Town.

Here, the gym will be closed so you need to travel up to Lake of Rage. Go through the house if you want but there are 2 Team Rocket guys there that will take some of your money if you enter. So take the long way if you don't want to lose any money.

Keep going up until you come to a lake. SURF out into the middle and save.

There is a red GYARADOS in there and its LV30 if you want to catch it. Whether you catch it or not, you'll receive the red scale item. Take it to Mr. Pokémon's house, and he'll trade you an exp. share for the red scale.

When you're done with the GYARADOS, go back down and you'll see a guy with a cape named Lance who wasn't there before. Talk to him and he'll tell you about a broadcast that's making Pokémon evolve.

Then you go back down to Mahogany. Then go to the house above the Pokémon center and Lance just won a battle against another trainer and then goes to the back of the room and opens a secret stairway then tells you to go down with him.

Once you're down there and you go left a little two Team Rocket guys come running to you yelling "Intruder Alert" and they battle you. Beat them up, then go left.

At the very first gap go down and then right. At the next gap, go through it again. Now go left, then down a little, then right.

Go to the computer and it will say "Switch turned on. Turn off?" Push yes.

If you leave the switch alone, then the guys that yell "Intruder Alert" will keep battling you every time you walk in front of a Persian statue.

Now go back out of the second gap, go right, through the next gap, down, then left. Now go down the stairs.

Lance will heal your Pokémon, then you go on fighting more Team Rocket guys, then at the next stairway Lance says that there are some passwords that a few rockets know.

So go around beating every Rocket and be sure to talk to them afterwards to get the passwords.

After you've got the 2 passwords, you can go into the first locked room. Beat the Rocket guy that's in there and then talk to the bird in the back, it will give you the password to the final room.

Once you unlock the last room, two Rockets will come up and challenge you to 2 on 1, but here comes Lance to the rescue.

After you beat them, there's one last thing to do, stop the generator. You must knock out the three ELECTRODEs on the side. They're all LV30.

You can't catch them, they're like the MAROWAK on red/blue/yellow. Knock them all out, then Lance gives you an item he found that he doesn't need, HM06 (WHIRLPOOL).

Now get out and we can finally fight the gym leader! On this gym's floor is an icy coating which gives you an idea of what type they use - ICE. This ice makes you slip so that you can't get anywhere anytime soon.

The way to get past it is this. Go to the statue with the Pokéball on top of it. Now go left until you slide, then slide up, then up, right, down, down, left, up, right.

The gym leader is Pryce. He has a LV27 SEEL, LV28 DEWGONG, and a LV32 PILOSWINE. Use an ELECTRIC type on SEEL and DEWGONG; FIRE and WATER Pokémon will take PILOSWINE down.

Once you step out of the gym, Professor Elm will call you and tell you that Team Rocket has taken over the radio tower in GOLDENROD CITY.

So FLY to GOLDENROD and go to the radio tower and there will be tons of Team Rocket guys all over the place. Battle your way to the top floor.

Then when you get there, there is the director safe and sound. Or is he? He's really a Rocket disguised as the director. If you beat him, he'll tell you where the director really is.

So beat him up then he'll give you the basement key and tell you that the director is in the locked underground path room. So now you go down there and your first battle is - your rival! He wants to beat Team Rocket too, but he wants to take care of you first!

His Pokémon are SNEASEL, MAGNETON, either a HAUNTER or GENGAR, ALAKAZAM, GOLBAT, and the final evolution of his starting Pokémon.

Beat him, then go left to the Rocket next to the switch and battle him. Don't press the switch yet.

Go to the next Rocket and beat him. Don't press this switch either. Now go to the last Rocket and win. Now press this switch, then the middle one, then the far one.

Now go back left and follow the new path then go through the doors. Follow the hall to the center of the room and there's the real director.

He thanks you for saving him then gives you the card key so that you can finish Team Rocket from the blocked doors on the 3rd floor of the radio tower. Now to go back out, just press the emergency switch.

Now go to the radio tower and go to the 3rd floor and use the card key on the shutters to open them up and just keep going up until you get to the Rocket guy. Beat him then he'll disband Team Rocket again.

After you win, the director will give you an item for helping them. The item you receive varies from which game you have. If you're playing Gold, you'll earn a rainbow wing, which will let you find Ho-oh. If you are playing Silver, you get the silver wing, which lets you find LUGIA. Team Rocket is defeated!

Now FLY to Mahogany Town and go to the path to right. Keep going right until you get to a cave.

Go in. Now follow the path until you get to the big ice-covered path, then follow these directions - stand right in front of the field of ice, then go up, left, up, right, up, left, down, right, down, left, up, left, down, right, down, right, up, right, and you are through!

Go right, and go through the little ice field to get the Pokéball item which is HM07 (WATERFALL), then go back and go right and down the ladder.

On the next floor is a new puzzle. You need to use STRENGTH and push the boulders into their holes. Fall through the holes, and go to the land in the middle, then go on the ladder to the next floor. This is not a challenge, just go across the room to the ladder.

Next floor, go around the cliff and up the stairs, then down, and we are there. Now go right, then down the steps, then right, then up, left, up, down, right.

Go up the ladder, straight down, and you are out of the ice cave. Keep going and you are in Blackthorn City!

Before you can go to the gym in this place, you should probably go train your Pokémon because this last gym is one of the hardest. The routes down below the city have good strong Pokémon that are worth plenty of exp. points.

Once you think you're ready for this gym, go to it and push the boulders through the holes so that you can walk across the lava to get to the leader, Clair.

Clair and her followers use the DRAGON type Pokémon which have as few weaknesses then the STEEL type.

ICE and other DRAGON type moves are all that will do much damage so either teach one of your Pokémon icy wind (you get it from Pryce) or catch a SWINUB and train it a little or you will have a hard fight.

DRAGON types are strong against FIRE, WATER, and GRASS, so if your starting Pokémon is your strongest Pokémon, you might need to train some more.

Clair has 3 LV37 DRAGONAIRs and a LV40 KINGDRA. After you win she still won't give you a badge, though. She'll tell you to take the DRAGON users' challenge.

You must now go into the dragon's den behind the gym and find the dragonfang. Its easy, all you need to do is go in, go down the ladder, SURF across the water, travel across the whirlpool, go to the land, and pick up the item lying on the ground.

Then Clair will walk up, give you the badge, and tell you about the elite four. The elite four are some of the best trainers in the world and it would be any trainer's dream to beat them. The way to get to them is by going across the water on the other side of New Bark Town.

After you get back out of the cave, Professor Elm will call and tell you that he has a surprise for you.

So you need to FLY to New Bark Town, and go pick it up. Its a Master ball and you need to save it.

Now is the time to, depending on what item you got from the radio director, you can catch LUGIA or HO-OH.

HO-OH is in the new Tin tower in the top right corner of Ecruteak. LUGIA is in the Whirl Islands in the ocean on your way to Cianwood City.

They will be LV40 when you find them and are hard to catch unless you use the master ball, so be sure to save before you fight them.

Now go to the water to the right of New Bark Town and SURF across it. When you get on the other side, a fisherman will tell you that you just took your first step in Kanto.

Now go right then up and into the cave. SURF, then climb up the waterfall, then go down the other side. Go out and go right.

SURF right and go right across the dock battling as you go. Soon you'll come back to the grass. Go up and keep going until you find a house, go in and the lady will heal your Pokémon.

Now keep going up until you arrive at a cave. It's the Indigo Plateau. It's not half as complicated as the Indigo Plateau on blue/red/yellow.

It's actually pretty simple - just follow the path and go up the ladders. Once at the very end of the cave, your rival catches up to you and it's battle time.

He will have a SNEASEL, a GENGAR, an ALAKAZAM, a MAGNETON, a CROBAT, and the final evolution of his starting Pokémon.

Once you beat him you can go through and battle the elite four, though you're probably not ready for them.

The first up is Will. He has a LV40 XATU, a LV41 SLOWBRO, a LV40 EXEGGUTOR, a LV41 JYNX, and a LV42 XATU.

Second is Koga. He's no longer the Fushia gym leader, his daughter is now. Koga has a LV40 ARIADOS, a LV43 FORRETRESS, a LV41 VENOMOTH, a LV42 MUK, and a LV44 CROBAT.

Next is Bruno. He uses a LV41 HITMONTOP, a LV41 ONIX, a LV42 HITMONLEE, a LV42 HITMONCHAN, and a LV46 MACHAMP.

Fourth is Karen. She uses DARK type Pokémon. They are a LV43 UMBREON, a LV42 MURKROW, a LV46 GENGAR, a LV42 VILEPLUME, and a LV47 HOUNDOOM.

Last is the champion, Lance. Yes, its the same Lance that helped you with Team Rocket. Lance has a LV44 GYARADOS, a LV46 AERODACTYL, 2 LV47 DRAGONITEs, a LV46 CHARIZARD, and a LV50 DRAGONITE.

All your Pokémon will need to be at least LV50 or higher to win.

Once you beat Lance, Professor Oak will walk up to you and tell you how good a trainer you've become and an interviewer will try to interview you, but Lance will take you out of the room to the hall of fame.

So you see your Pokémon, the credits roll, you've beaten the game right? Wrong. That's only the first half of the game.

So select continue and once your character is showing, Professor Elm will call you and tell you that he has an item that might be useful for you.

Go to his lab and he gives you an S.S. Ticket for the S.S. Aqua in Olivine City. You'll know where it is since you've explored almost all of Johto.

Now just go to the dock and talk to the guy standing in front of the gap. He'll let you pass and you get on board. Once you're on, an old man goes running past you saying his granddaughter is lost.

The sailor shows you your room and now you can explore the ship. There are trainers everywhere. When you sleep on the bed in your room, your Pokémon will be fully healed.

If you go up the stairs the sailor won't let you pass and he says that his buddy is slacking off. Go to the room to the right of yours and battle the sailor there. Now the guy upstairs will let you pass.

Follow the hall and you'll soon arrive at the captain's cabin. The old guy's granddaughter is in there and talk to her then go to the old man's room and he'll give you a metal coat.

After that the ship will say that they've landed at Vermilion City. Here it's the same as red, blue, and yellow. The gym, Pokéfan club, everything's almost the same.

So go beat Lt. Surge and then go up into Saffron City. You don't need a WATER to get in this time so just go in and look around.

You can battle Sabrina, talk to the mimicry girl, but you can't fight at the Dojo since their leader is training in Johto (the guy that gives you the TYROGUE when you beat him), and then go to Lavender Town.

There's not much here so go up to rock tunnel. It is pretty easy to get through and once you come out the other end, travel north to the water and SURF down to the Power Plant.

There are people there trying to put it together to run the radio station in Lavender Town. Go to the generator and the guy there will say that someone stole his generator part so that it won't work.

Then as you're leaving a guard says there's a suspicious character in Cerulean City. So you head there and when you enter the gym a black guy runs out saying you don't know he's there.

But you follow him to "Nugget Bridge" and then battle him. He's a Team Rocket guy that doesn't know Team Rocket has been disbanded in Johto. He's the one that stole the generator part and after you beat him, he'll tell you where it is.

It's in the circle of water in the center of the gym. Use the itemfinder.

Now go across nugget bridge and then left then the first trainer will say "beat all seven of us and get a cool prize!" So beat all 7 and then the 8th person will give you a nugget. Then he wants to see how good you are, so there are 8 trainers.

After that then you're at Bill's old house. Below there are a couple of people. Go to where they are and one of them is Misty. She's on a date so disturb her and she'll go back to her gym.

Now at the house, Bill's grampa lives there now. He'll ask you to show him a LICKITUNG. If you do he'll give you an everstone.

He'll also ask to see a STARYU, a PICHU, a GROWLITHE, and an ODDISH. For them he'll give you a water stone, a thunderstone, a fire stone, and a leaf stone.

Now go back and beat Misty. Then go back to the power plant and give the guys the generator and they'll give you the TM Zap Cannon.

Now FLY back to Lavender Town and go to the radio station and one of the guys there will give you an expansion card so that you can listen to the radio in Kanto.

Now go south from Lavender and follow the route and the maze is not that hard, then go down, then at the turn go left and keep going until you're at Fushia City!

The Safari Zone warden is on a vacation so its closed. And there's also a new gym leader. Koga is part of the elite four so his daughter (Janine) is the gym leader now. They still use POISON type Pokémon and the way to get to her is almost the exact same as on red/blue/yellow.

Now if you try to go to the seafoam islands they will be making construction repairs so you'll have to go around. FLY to Saffron and talk to the mimicry girl. She'll be sad because she lost her favourite CLEFAIRY doll in Vermilion City.

FLY to Vermilion and talk to the people in the Pokéfan club. One of the people there will give you Copycat's CLEFAIRY doll. Give it back to her and she'll give you a rail pass.

The rail pass will let you travel on the Magnet Train from GOLDENROD CITY in Johto to Saffron City in Kanto and back and forth as many times as you want.

Now go to Silph Co. and they'll give you an item called upgrade. Give upgrade to a PORYGON and trade it to a friend and it will evolve into a PORYGON2.

Now go on the path left of Saffron to get to Celadon City. Here there is another gym, a department store, and a game corner. Beat this gym leader and then FLY to Vermilion City.

Go down then right and save right before you're at the SNORLAX. Now go to Pokégear and radio and go to the Pokéflute channel. The SNORLAX will wake up.

SNORLAX is LV50 and has a new item called leftovers that regenerates a little of its HP every turn and knows rest so it's extremely hard to catch. Nothing short of an ultra ball will catch it. My advice is to find a black apricorn and give it to Kurt for a heavy ball.

After you catch or kill it, you can go through the DIGLETT's cave which is an almost straight line then you come out and CUT the tree down and go past it, into Pewter City!

Go beat Brock then go talk to an old guy next to the gym. He'll give you the opposite wing of what the radio tower director gave you. The Legendary bird you can now get will be LV70.

Now go right towards Mt. Moon. Once you're there, you don't need to worry because the Mt. Moon on gold/silver is soooooooooooooo much simpler than on red/blue/yellow.

You just go in, your rival challenges you to one final battle (he has the same Pokémon as last time, except they're all between LV45-50), you beat him, go straight without turning and go up a ladder and you'll be at a special place.

Come here on a Monday night with a Pokémon that knows rock smash and CLEFAIRYs will do a dance around a rock. Use Rock smash on the rock and there will be a moon stone! You can do this as many times as you want.

Now FLY back to Pewter City and go south to Viridian City! The gym leader isn't here but there's a new building here.

Its a place for trainers to have some last minute practice before the Indigo Plateau. You can battle a trainer a day here.

The trainer you battle depends on if you've used mystery gift or not. If you have, then the trainer you always fight is the person you last did mystery gift with. If not, then the trainer you fight is Cal, who has a LV50 MEGANIUM, a LV50 FERALIGATR, and a LV50 TYPHLOSION.

Now go south of Viridian to Pallet Town. Here's Professor Oak's lab, you can visit if you want.

Now go down to the ocean and keep SURFing down until you get to land. You are on Cinnabar Island. It doesn't look anything like it did on red/blue/yellow.

Go behind the Pokémon center and talk to the guy. He's Blue (Gary), the leader of the Viridian gym.

He tells you that a volcano erupted and engulfed the entire town, and the gym has been moved to the Seafoam Islands. So go left to the water and SURF east until you get to some land with a cave on it.

Go in the cave and there's Blaine. Beat him then FLY to Viridian City. Go face Blue. I can't remember what his Pokémon are, but they are all around LV60.

Once you beat him, FLY to Pallet Town and talk to Professor Oak and he'll give you permission to enter Mt. Silver. To get there, FLY to the elite four and go through the Indigo Plateau, go to where the building has two gaps, take the left, and follow the trail.

You'll eventually get to Mt. Silver. Mt. Silver has its own Pokémon center so you'll know when you're there. Mt. Silver has the strongest trainer in the game deep inside the cave.

He is Red (Ash). All of your Pokémon should be at least at LV70 or higher before you face him. His Pokémon are a LV81 PIKACHU, a LV77 ESPEON, a LV75 BLASTOISE, a LV75 VENUSAUR, a LV77 SNORLAX, and a LV75 CHARIZARD. When you beat Red, the credits will roll again and you've beaten the game!!!


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