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ANDY'S GUIDE TO POKÉMON       ..... free to print from the SUPER COOL ZONE

[see the Cheats, Tips and Shortcuts pages for more items relating to this walkthrough]

First choose your name and then your rival's. You will find yourself in the bedroom of your house. Make your way downstairs and leave the house.

To the north of your house and slightly to the right there is a narrow passageway, filled with a grassy area. Head towards this, and you will hear a voice. It is Professor Oak's voice. He takes you into his house, and lets you choose one of three Pokémon - CHARMANDER, SQUIRTLE or BULBASAUR.

Once you have chosen one of these Pokémon, your rival will challenge you to a battle. After you have fought this battle (which if you win will make your Pokémon gain a level), exit Professor Oak's house.

Now, head towards the grassy area you went towards before, and go up to the next town where you will see a building with POKÉ written on it. That is a Pokémon Centre where you may HEAL your Pokémon back to full health for free (no charge).

Above this building and to the right is a building labelled MART. This is a shop. When you go into it, you will be called to the counter. Because you live in PALLET TOWN, you will be asked to deliver a PARCEL to Professor Oak. Once you have received this parcel, head back to Professor Oak's house, where you will give him the PARCEL and he will give you and your rival a Pokédex each.

A Pokédex records every Pokémon you see and catch. Once you have received your Pokédex, go into the house above Professor Oak's house and talk to the lady at the table. She will give you the TOWN MAP.

Then head towards VIRIDIAN CITY, where you went to the Pokémon Centre. Now that you have delivered Professor Oak's PARCEL, you may now buy things from the POKÉ MART, such as POKÉ BALLS to catch Pokémon with. It would be a good idea to buy a few.

Travel upwards through this town until you get to something that looks like a little house. Go inside it and go out the other side. You are now in VIRIDIAN FOREST.

There are lots of Pokémon that you will not yet have seen. If you look at page 24 in the manual, it will have a map of VIRIDIAN FOREST. There are three POKÉ BALLS here labelled 1, 2 and 3 - that is the order in which you should go to them.

No. 1 is a POKÉ BALL in which you may catch Pokémon.

No. 2 is an ANTIDOTE which will rid your Pokémon of poisoning.

No. 3 is a POTION which will restore 20HP of your Pokémon's life.

Now head upwards and you will find yourself in PEWTER CITY. This is the town where you will battle for your first BADGE in BROCK's Gym. BROCK is the Gym Leader. If you chose CHARMANDER at the start of your game, it is a bad idea to try to beat BROCK without being on at least LEVEL 14.

Also in this town, you may buy more things in the Shop such as POTIONS, which you could not in the last town. If you do not understand what some of the things in the Shop do, then look at Pages 42 to 45 in your manual. These pages also list some TECHNIQUES of a Pokémon and all of the ITEMS in the game.

Travel to the right now, and work your way through the group of Pokémon Trainers until you get to a grassy area, where you will be able to catch Pokémon which you have not seen before, such as JIGGLYPUFF.

Keep travelling to the right, until you get to another grassy area. Then travel upwards until you see another Pokémon Centre. It would be a good idea to HEAL your Pokémon here before you enter the CAVE.

Once you have entered the CAVE, you will come across lots of Pokémon that are mostly only seen in caves. You can look around the cave yourself, for particular items, but the way to get through quickly is as follows.

Travel up from the entrance until you hit the wall. Turn right, then go up until you hit another wall, then go right until you get to the end of that wall. Travel upwards and then go left. Go downwards and then go left and straight up again, following the wall. Then head left to what looks like a small ladder on a black square, go onto it and now you'll be somewhere else.

Travel down and turn right, and now you'll come across another ladder. Turn right and go down some steps, now go across to the right and up some steps. Turn right and head down. Turn left then down and then left again. Now head up and you will come across someone from TEAM ROCKET.

Once you have fought him, travel up until you see a little passageway on the right. The passageway is just wide enough for you to fit through. When you get to the end of this passage, press A and you will find a MOON STONE.

Now go back left and then up. You will now fight a man for a FOSSIL, which will later be resurrected into a Pokémon. If you choose the DOME FOSSIL then later on you will be given a KABUTO, and if you choose the HELIX FOSSIL you will be given an OMANYTE.

Now once you have chosen your fossil, travel up and left. Go down the steps and up the ladder. Now go right and go up another ladder. You are now out of the cave. That cave was known as MT. MOON.

Go right and jump over the fence. Then you will come across another fence which you are not able to jump over. Go down until you reach the end of the fence and turn right. Go up until you hit the next fence, and turn right again until you hit a wall. Go down over the fence below you and turn right. You will be travelling just underneath a RIVER. Keep travelling right until you reach the Pokémon Centre.

You can now HEAL your Pokémon again.

To the right of the Pokémon Centre is MISTY'S GYM. She has WATER Pokémon so yet again CHARMANDER or as you will probably have CHARMELEON now, will not be very effective against them. If you have CHARMELEON, it would be best to fight MISTY after you have met BILL, because there are Pokémon Trainers on the way there which will help get your Pokémon up levels.

To get to BILL, go back to the Pokémon Centre and travel left. There will be a fence above you soon, with a way through it. Go up and then turn right. There are two long houses. Once you get to the end of them, go up through the left passageway of the hedges. Now you will meet your rival. Once you have beaten him, you must proceed onwards to fight five more Pokémon Trainers. If you successfully beat these you will meet the leader of them. He will give you a NUGGET which you may sell for £5000. He will then challenge you to a fight because your player refuses to join TEAM ROCKET.

Beat this Trainer and then travel upwards until you hit another fence. Now keep travelling right and working your way through the hedges where you will meet Pokémon Trainers, until you get to another RIVER. If you keep going right there will be a house above you. Go into it. Talk to the animal jumping up and down. It is BILL after an experiment has gone wrong. He will tell you how to separate his body from the Pokémon's.

Once you have done this, talk to him and he will give you an SS TICKET. This is a ticket to the SS ANNE which is a ship. You will need this ticket for later.

After you have received the SS TICKET, travel down until you hit a wall. Now go up and left until you hit another wall. Travel all the way down and jump over the fence which you will soon see. You are now back near the Pokémon Centre if you go down. If you wish you may now go through the house to the right of the right-hand passageway of the two. The house has a guard next to it which has moved away from the door.

Enter the house and there is a hole at the back of the house. Go out of it. You will fight a member of TEAM ROCKET now. Once you have fought him, travel down but don't jump over the fence. There are two bald patches in the short grass that you are walking on. Follow the right one of them and go down through the passageway. You will now be going down a long passageway. Go left and then when you are able to, go down. You will soon hit a house. Go into it.

In this house is the way down into a TUNNEL from here to VERMILION CITY. When you come out of this tunnel you will be in another house like the last one. Work your way down until you can go no further. Travel left and then down. You are now in VERMILION CITY.

To the left is another Pokémon Centre. Travel down and follow the river round until you reach a house with a sign by it. If you go inside there will be a big table and there will be six people in the room. Talk to the man at the back of the room who is sitting on a sofa. He will give you a BIKE VOUCHER.

Now leave this house and travel right. You can not yet go in the GYM because you need a special move for that which you will get in a minute. Keep going right until you find the Pokémon Shop. Once you have done this go down to the RIVER which is just down and to the right of the Shop. There will be a walkway over the river. Go down it and follow it until you get to a man who will ask you for your SS TICKET. You need it to go aboard.

When you come on the Ship, you need to talk to the CAPTAIN, who will give you an HM MOVE which is CUT [HM 01]. If you wish to look around the Ship and collect some more items, do so now, because after you have received the HM you will not be able to go back on the ship because it will have set sail (left the harbour). To get the HM MOVE travel left once you are inside the ship until you get to a ladder. Now travel down and turn right. Follow this passageway all the way along until you can go no further. Go upwards and now you will meet your rival.

Once you have fought him, you must go up and go on the next ladder. This will take you to the CAPTAIN's room. Go and talk to him and he will give you the HM MOVE.

Now leave the ship and if you have not already caught one, catch a Pokémon that is able to use CUT. If you can't find any, catch a SPEAROW and travel to the HOUSE next to the one where you got the BIKE VOUCHER. In here you will able to trade SPEAROW for a FARFETCH'D. FARFETCH'D will be called DUX because that's what his Trainer called him to start with.

Below this house is a funny-looking bush. Select the Pokémon you have taught CUT to, and use CUT facing the bush. You will now be able to go into the GYM. The Leader of this GYM is LT. SURGE. Here there are lots of funny-looking bins. Press A against all of them until it says the first door is activated. You must now try to find the second one which will be immediately next to the first one in any direction. If you do not fully understand, the Pokémon Trainers after you have beaten them, will give you hints.

You will now (after you have beaten LT. SURGE) cut down the bush again and travel up and right to the Shop. Travel right from here until you reach something that looks like another CAVE. Enter the black hole to get into the CAVE.

This is DIGLETT's CAVE. To get the HM which is next needed, you must have caught at least 10 Pokémon. Go down the ladder in the cave and travel left and up alternately, until you reach another ladder. Go up this ladder and out of the cave.

Travel down and right until you go past another HOUSE. Below this house is another bush which you may CUT down. Keep travelling down now until you reach a house which you will go into the back of. Here talk to Professor Oak's aide. If you have caught 10 Pokémon by now, he will give you HM 05, which contains FLASH which you must teach to an ELECTRIC Pokémon.

Now travel back the way you came until you are back out of DIGLETT's cave and in VERMILION CITY again. Go left and travel back up to the town with MISTY'S GYM in it. This town is known as CERULEAN CITY. Once you are here, go down from the Pokémon Centre and you will hit a house. Turn left and you will hit another house. Go inside this house, this is a BIKE SHOP. You may now exchange your BIKE VOUCHER for a BICYCLE. This will let you travel a lot faster.

Now travel into the house with a guard outside it, and exit via the back again. Come right and down and then right and down and go right this time instead of all the way down. Here you will find another bush to cut down. Work your way right, until you can go no further. There will be a bush near you now, where you may catch a VOLTORB. This is an ELECTRIC Pokémon that you may teach FLASH to. Travel down to the Pokémon Centre. It will be a good idea to HEAL your Pokémon before you enter the ROCK TUNNEL, which is another CAVE.

Navigate your way through this CAVE and this is a long cave but easy to find your way through. Once you have left the cave, come down. You will be entering LAVENDER TOWN. Once you have HEALED your Pokémon, which you will probably need to, go left through the passageway and down, then go left and keep going left until you hit another bush, which you may CUT down. Travel left over the grassy area. There will now be another bush which you may CUT down. There is a PATH that looks like it has metallic sides to it. Follow it left until it goes upwards. At this point keep going upwards until you reach a house.

Go inside this house and go down into a TUNNEL. When you come out of this tunnel you will find yourself in CELADON CITY. When you are here, below the Pokémon Centre is a wall. Go left until you get to the passage between the houses. Below the left house is a wall. Go between the wall and the house until you get to quite a long building. Go inside this building and you will now be in a place which looks like an Arcade. Travel left and up until you see a man in black who is standing next to a poster.

Talk to him and then you will have a battle. Once you have done this, walk up to the POSTER and press the switch. Now turn right and go down the steps. Now go right and go down another set of steps. Once you have done this, go down and left and up again until you reach another set of steps which you may go down. Here, travel left until you can go down. Turn left at the first turn, and then where you can next go down, there are some arrows pointing left and right. Go on the ones facing left. Then go down and then once you have stopped spinning, go left and down. Don't tread on any more of the arrows, then go left and down, and then walk on the arrows nearest to you, the ones that are one square in front of the ones below you. You will now be spinning right and then down. Once you have stopped, go down then go right, and then go up. Go down the stairs and then go up. Turn left and there will be a man here, from TEAM ROCKET.

Once you have battled with him, talk to him again and he will drop the LIFT KEY. Travel back to the stairs and go up. Then go left and up and left and up. Go right and go back up the other steps. Now travel left and navigate your way through the arrows once more. Once you have done this, you will go right, but do not go up the steps. Go into the lift and go down to the bottom floor (Floor 4). Now you will fight two men and then the head of TEAM ROCKET, GIOVANNI. He will then give you the SILPH SCOPE.

Once you have received this, exit the whole building and go back to the Pokémon Centre and go left until you can go no further. Work your way down and left until you get to a short passageway where there will be a sleeping Pokémon. Slightly to the right of here is another bush you can CUT down. Once you have done that, go left into the house and then you will be able to go into the house on the left where you can get HM 02. This HM contains FLY - you may teach it to a BIRD Pokémon.

Now travel back to the Health Centre and back to LAVENDER TOWN through the TUNNEL. Here go to what looks like a CAVE to the right of the Pokémon Centre. Go inside it. This is a tower full of ghosts. In here you will soon meet your rival. Once you have battled with him, travel left and right through the rooms, until you reach some stairs where it will say "be gone intruders!". The SILPH SCOPE will unveil the ghosts and you will now be fighting a Level 30 MAROWAK. You cannot catch this Pokémon and you need to kill it to get past it (i.e. you cannot run).

Go up these stairs and then there will be a room with some people. Fight these people until you get to an old man. Talk to him and he will take you down the tower into his house. You will appear near the door of his house. Go to the back of the house and talk to him. He will give you the POKÉ FLUTE which you may use to awake sleeping Pokémon.

FLY back to CELADON CITY and CYCLE to the SLEEPING Pokémon we were at before. Go right and then down, and there is a GYM. Travel right from there until you see a bush you may CUT down. Once you have done this go through the passageway where the bush was, and go left. Here we have ERIKA's GYM. She has GRASS-type Pokémon so WATER Pokémon will find it hard to do this GYM.

After you have done this GYM once again travel back to the SLEEPING Pokémon where you may use the POKÉ FLUTE and wake SNORLAX. You will now have a battle with SNORLAX because he has been woken up.

There is a house to the left of where SNORLAX was. Go through it. Now travel left and down. You will now be on a hill. When you get to the bottom of this hill, go right. Go into the house on the right and come out of the other side. You will now be in FUCHSIA CITY.

Once you enter this city, go right until you hit a wall. Go down and go down the narrow passageway slightly to the left. Turn right and then go up through the gap in the fence. Here is the FUCHSIA GYM and the Pokémon Centre. The leader of the FUCHSIA GYM is KOGA . There are invisible walls in this gym, but they are not quite invisible - they are little tiny white dots, if you look very carefully.

Once you have completed this gym, go to the right of the Pokémon Centre and jump over the fence. Now go up and you will see a house. Go right through the hedges and then go all the way up and left around Pokémon that will be enclosed in hedges.

There will now be a house here, but in fact it is the way into the SAFARI ZONE. You will be asked for £500 if you wish to go in there. You will be given 30 SAFARI BALLS to catch the Pokémon in. In the SAFARI ZONE, to get HM 03 which contains SURF, you must do as follows:

Travel right, and then up. There will be two arrows. Follow them, and you will now go onto a new screen. Go down and right, and then go up the ladder. Go left and then down another ladder, then travel left and up until you can go no further. Go up the steps to the right of you, then go right and down, up and left, then come down and left, keep going left until you reach a grassy area. Near the top of the grassy area are some more steps - go up them. Travel left and then down, and go down some more steps.

Now travel up and right, and then up and left, and then down and left, past the WATER, and down again where you'll see some more arrows. Just below you there will be a POKÉ BALL. There will be GOLD TEETH in it. You need the GOLD TEETH for later - get them now.

Travel left and there will be a little house with statues by it. Go into the house and you will be given HM 03 as a prize for finding the house. Teach SURF to the WATER Pokémon.

Now, exit the SAFARI ZONE and travel to the Pokémon Health Centre. Go right here and jump off the fence as before. There will be a house to the right of you. You need to travel to the bottom of the house and there will be a way in. Go in and talk to the WARDEN. If you give him the GOLD TEETH, he will give you HM 04, which contains STRENGTH.

You now have all five HMs in the game. Now you have STRENGTH you are able to move boulders for later. Teach STRENGTH to a STRONG Pokémon, ie ROCK type or FIGHTING type.

Now FLY to CELADON CITY where you got the SILPH SCOPE. Here, travel left until you reach the Shop (the big building labelled MART). This is the biggest shop of all the Shops in the game. It has six floors. Go to the top floor and there will be VENDING MACHINES. Buy a DRINK such as lemonade and leave the shop.

Go up and right until you get past the Pokémon Centre, and you jump over a fence into a grassy area. Go down here and walk into the side of the house near the house where you came out of the tunnel. Here you will give the DRINK to the man at the counter. You are now able to travel into SAFFRON CITY.

Once you have entered SAFFRON CITY, keep going right until you hit a building. Travel below this building until you see a building with a man wearing a baseball cap. The building above him with the door is the one you must now enter. Go right and up until you get to either the lift doors or some steps. Go up the steps to Floor 5 or you can just use the lift to get there. Once you are at Floor 5, travel left and down past the little trees in pots. Go down. You will go on a little white square with a blue diamond in the middle. This will teleport you to another floor of the building. Go up and then press down so you go back on the same square.

Once you are on the floor you were at to start with, go down and fight the member of TEAM ROCKET. After you have beaten him, go right and press A on the POKÉ BALL and receive the CARD KEY. You are now able to open doors that you could not open before. Travel down to Floor 3.

Once you are here, travel down and fight another member of TEAM ROCKET. Go through the left door which you need a CARD KEY for. If you keep going left you will hit a TABLE. There is another WARP just below it and to the left. Go on this WARP and go left. Now you will fight your rival once more.

Now go down and turn right. You will now go on another WARP. Travel down, and fight another member of TEAM ROCKET. Once you have done this, go through another locked door. You will now fight GIOVANNI, the leader of TEAM ROCKET, again.

Once you have beaten him, travel up to the PRESIDENT and he will give you a MASTER BALL. Do not use this at the moment, because you are able later on to use a cheat to make it possible so you can have well over 100 of them. The MASTER BALL will catch any Pokémon at any time, except if it belongs to a Trainer.

Now once you have left the building you will be able to meet SABRINA. She is the leader of the SAFFRON CITY GYM. To get to this GYM travel to the top of the city at the right. There are two gyms here but the one on the right is the one where you may claim a badge.

To get to SABRINA, go on the first WARP that you see when you enter the gym. Now you will be where there are 4 warps. Go to the top left one of the four. Now you will appear on the top right one of the four; go to the bottom left one of the four. You now appear on the top left of another four warps; go down to the bottom left one of the four. You will now be in a room with just SABRINA and yourself.

Challenge her to a battle and get the BADGE. Once you have done this, exit the GYM and head for your home town which is PALLET TOWN.

You will now appear in front of your house. Travel down to the RIVER and use your WATER Pokémon that you have taught SURF to, and travel down the river. If you keep going straight down, you will see an island with two people on it. Try to avoid those people, and then you will come across CINNABAR ISLAND.

At the middle bottom of the ISLAND is the Pokémon Health Centre. Next to it is a Shop. To the top left of the Island is a building. Enter it. Travel up until you reach a ladder. Go up this ladder. Now travel right and up until you can go no further. You should be able to see some steps to the left of you. Go up them. At the bottom right of your screen is a STATUE. Go up to the front of it and press A. You will now have activated a switch. Go down and right. There will be two passageways where you can jump off into what looks like a black area.

Jump off the one on the left, which is the biggest. You will now find yourself on another floor. Travel left and down and then right until you see some steps. Go down these steps. Now travel up and left, and then there will be a gap in the wall below you. Travel down until you see another STATUE. Activate the switch.

Travel left and up until you can go no further. Now travel right and down until you get to another gap in the wall. Go up until you see another gap in the wall where there will be beds nearby. To the left of the beds there is a switch. Activate it, and keep going left until you find yourself below a table. Go down, and in the middle of the room you will find a POKÉ BALL that has the SECRET KEY in it.

To get out of this building now, retrace your steps up until where you jumped off, because you can't go back that way. You have to go through the gap where a barrier will be if you have not activated the relevant switch.

Now you are able to enter the CINNABAR GYM where you can fight BLAINE, the gym leader. This is a FIRE gym so choose appropriate Pokémon.

Once you have done this gym, you will have got 7 badges, hopefully, so now you must FLY to VIRIDIAN CITY, the city above PALLET TOWN. Here, where the gym was abandoned before, it is now occupied. To get to the Gym, travel up from the Pokémon Shop until you get to a man who is walking backwards and forwards. When you get to him, go right. Go into the Gym and fight the mysterious gym leader who is actually the head of TEAM ROCKET, GIOVANNI.

You now have eight badges and may enter the Pokémon League.

Come back down to the Pokémon Centre and go left until you hit the pond. Go left and up alternately until you hit the wall. To the left of the wall is a grassy area. Go up through the grassy area. You will now fight your rival.

Once you have done this, go left and jump over the fence. Go down through the grassy area and turn left. Do not jump over the fence. Now go up and right, and up through the gap in the fence. Go into a giant building and show your badges to the people that you will need to, along the route. After you have been asked by four people to show them your badges, you will need to SURF the rest of the way.

Once you are back on land, you have to show the badges to two more people. Once you have done this you will now be entering what looks like a building but in fact is a CAVE. There will be a boulder here. Use STRENGTH and go above the boulder. Push the boulder down. Now go to the left of the boulder and push it right as far as you can, then go below the boulder and push it up as far as you can. Then push it right as far as you can. Then push it up two spaces. Then go around the block in the middle so that you are on the left side of the block, and push it right one space. Then push it down one space onto the switch (the circular thing in the floor).

Then go back to the steps near the entrance, go up the steps, and go right. Then up and then left, down the steps, left and then up, and then up the ladder. Go down, and there is another boulder. Tell your Pokémon to use STRENGTH again, push the boulder left one, then push it down to the bottom and then push it left onto the switch. Then go up and right, until you get to the steps. Go up the steps and turn right. Go down and then come down the steps. Then go right, go up and go left, now go up the ladder.

Above you now will be a boulder. Push the boulder up two spaces. Then push it left as far as you can. Then push it down one space, then push it left four spaces, down three spaces and then push it right, onto the switch.

Then go up and right, and then go down, and go up the steps just to the left, and turn left. Then go down and left, and up and left, then go down and right. Push the boulder which will be on your right into the black square and then go down the black hole. Then push the boulder left as far as you can. Now that it is on the switch, go right and up the steps, and then go right again, past the man, and up the ladder. Now go up, and go down the ladder, and now walk out of the CAVE.

That was basically all of it. Now, all you have to do is to beat the "ELITE FOUR". Navigate your way through the STATUES and go up. Here now you are at a Pokémon Centre and Shop, all in one. At the top of this place are some steps. If you wish to buy anything from the Shop, or HEAL your Pokémon, do so now, because once you enter this, you cannot back out.

Enter when ready.


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