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Only read this page if you've already read the first Harry Potter book! This website is intended only as
a brief summary to enable you to track back on all the different elements of the Harry Potter series.

BOOK 1 * HARRY POTTER and the Philosopher's Stone
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Their greatest fear was that someone would discover they were related to the Potter family - JAMES POTTER, LILY POTTER and their son HARRY POTTER. LILY POTTER was PETUNIA's sister.

A number of odd things happened that morning. THE DURSLEYS didn't notice the large tawny OWL that went past their window, and as MR. DURSLEY drove to work he thought he saw a TABBY CAT reading a MAP and the sign that said PRIVET DRIVE. Later he saw a lot of strangely dressed people in brightly-coloured CLOAKS on his way to work.

At work MR. DURSLEY wasn't facing the window to see the OWLS speeding across the sky, but he saw more people in CLOAKS at lunchtime, and heard them talking about HARRY POTTER. He wasn't sure if his nephew was actually called Harry, but he was definitely unsettled.

After work MR. DURSLEY bumped into a man in a violet CLOAK who astonished him by telling him YOU-KNOW-WHO had gone at last, calling MR. DURSLEY a MUGGLE and hugging him round the middle.

That evening the news reported hundreds of OWLS flying throughout the day, and downpours of SHOOTING STARS as far afield as KENT, YORKSHIRE and DUNDEE. MR. DURSLEY was even more unsettled.

That night, after THE DURSLEYS had gone to bed, the TABBY CAT was still outside when ALBUS DUMBLEDORE arrived in PRIVET DRIVE. He used what looked like a SILVER CIGARETTE LIGHTER to put out the street lamps, and sat down outside No. 4 next to the TABBY CAT, which changed into PROFESSOR McGONAGALL.

PROFESSOR McGONAGALL thought the celebrations were crazy because the MUGGLES would find out who was responsible for the OWLS and the SHOOTING STARS (for which she blamed DEDALUS DIGGLE). She asked DUMBLEDORE if YOU-KNOW-WHO had really gone, and DUMBLEDORE thought he had.

DUMBLEDORE offered PROFESSOR McGONAGALL a SHERBET LEMON (which she refused). She said that YOU-KNOW-WHO had been frightened of no-one else but DUMBLEDORE - and that DUMBLEDORE had been too noble to use the powers that YOU-KNOW-WHO did. DUMBLEDORE said he hadn't blushed so much since MADAM POMFREY told him she liked his new EARMUFFS.

PROFESSOR McGONAGALL spoke of the rumours that JAMES and LILY POTTER were dead, and that trying to kill HARRY POTTER had broken YOU-KNOW-WHO's power. DUMBLEDORE confirmed the rumours were true.

PROFESSOR McGONAGALL dabbed her eyes with a LACE HANDKERCHIEF whilst DUMBLEDORE looked at his GOLDEN WATCH. HAGRID was late.

HAGRID arrived on a huge MOTORBIKE that he had borrowed from SIRIUS BLACK, falling from the sky to land on the road in front of DUMBLEDORE and PROFESSOR McGONAGALL. He held a bundle of blankets enfolding the tiny HARRY POTTER, whom he'd rescued from GODRIC'S HOLLOW before the MUGGLES could find him.

On HARRY's forehead was a LIGHTNING SCAR, from where YOU-KNOW-WHO had tried to kill him. DUMBLEDORE said HARRY would have the scar for ever - but that scars could come in useful and that he himself had a perfect MAP of the London Underground above his left knee.

HAGRID tearfully kissed HARRY goodbye, and DUMBLEDORE tucked a LETTER inside HARRY's blankets and laid him gently on the doorstep of No. 4 PRIVET DRIVE. The three of them sadly said goodbye to HARRY, then HAGRID roared off on the MOTORBIKE, DUMBLEDORE used the PUT-OUTER to restore the street lamps and the TABBY CAT slunk away.

HARRY POTTER was left alone on the doorstep, to be awoken by MRS.DURSLEY's scream when she put out the MILK BOTTLES next morning. HARRY had no idea whatsoever that he had been left with THE DURSLEYS to keep him safe, whilst everywhere across the country people were meeting in secret to celebrate the survival of "THE BOY WHO LIVED".


This page was intended to remain "under construction" whilst all the different aspects of the books are linked together. Sol's "Welcome page" gives details about the different areas of the site, along with Harry Potter book reviews and film reviews - and the main Area 13 index page gives an overview of our reasons for creating this intricate guide to JK Rowling's Harry Potter books.

The massive amount of set-up work to engineer the interlinking of tens of thousands of keywords (characters, magic and spells, locations, items, creatures) across all seven books was finally completed back in 2008. However in the light of ongoing uncertainties about 'Harry Potter copyrights' (affecting all websites or site areas with Harry-Potter-related themes), a 'Special Note' was written on 1st July 2008, explaining the possible issues if we were to work further on creating this resource.

However that overview provides a unique insight into *why* the Harry Potter books have been so successful - as well as showing "how to write like J K Rowling". The success of the Harry Potter 7-book series was unlike anything the world has ever previously seen. How did she do it? Take a look.

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locations creatures magic + spells characters items book 1 book 2 book 3 book 4 book 5 book 6 book 7 JKR

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