DISK 115.

Last in this category of odd spelling/pronunciation are those in the "attention seeking" positions and those which fall into the "I" circle. Again, as we go around the circle, there will be a pause after each set of words, for you to repeat them.

"aw" sound words:

cause * course * horse (the animal) * hoarse (voice gone)
* quart * quartz * water * ought * [pause]

"er" sound words:

absurd * curd * earth * dearth * search * [pause]

"ow" sound words:

doughty * blouse * douse * rouse * carouse * espouse * [pause]

Note that in these words the letter S makes a "zuh" sound.

"oi" sound words:

soya * Goya * foyer * [pause]

"I" sound words:

guide * choir * neither * either

* radii (plural of "radius") * naïve [pause]

The I of "naïve" has dots above it to denote the two syllables.

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