The letters shown are the mortar between the bricks which make words: the bricks are called "consonants". These "mortar" letters shown in the picture are called "vowels". You can see the word "vowels" in the centre of the clock face. Reading clockwise they are (from "2 o'clock"): A , E, I, O, U.

They usually make the sounds:

"a", "eh", "ih", "o", "uh".

The one at the top is a "half vowel": Y. This makes two main "vowel sounds": "ee" at the end of a word, "ih" in the middle of a word. When the Y is wearing its "consonant" hat (and being a "brick") it makes the sound "yuh", as in "yak".

PRACTISE going round the circle clockwise, firstly the names of the letters A E I O U Y and secondly the sounds they make, "a", "eh", "ih", "o", "uh", "ee" (the last the usual "vowel sound" Y makes).

A E I O U Y a eh ih o uh ee

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