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Project HappyChild is a massive project to link children all over the world. Please help us to achieve this!

support "Step Over The Edge" (abseiling down the Clock Tower) being organised by Breakthrough Trust on Saturday 26th September 1998 - click on hyperlink below

Step Over The Edge .....

STOP PRESS : NEW ADDITIONS IN SPONSORED EVENTS : whitewater rafting, parachute jumps, Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City Cycle Challenge, UK Cycle Ride London to Canterbury; NEW ADDITIONS IN GENERAL EVENTS: Bridge evening, Christmas Carol Concert; see also GENERAL APPEALS, UK APPEALS; and CHARITY CATALOGUES and BOOKLISTS at the Project HappyChild Shop

you can make a difference - help in any way you can

This is a special site for schoolchildren, students, parents and teachers to visit. We're building lots of different areas with pages to print off free of charge for schoolchildren and students - and we're asking you - and your school or college - to send us more pages to add to the different areas.

We're also asking your school / college to help in another way - by fundraising for any of the children's charities in the Project HappyChild Directory (or one of the worldwide APPEALS listed).

website under construction: send us your news, views and articles

There are seven main areas in this website, each leading from this central page and then branching off into other related areas (this page is like the hub of the wheel).

Area 1: The Infinite Facts Series (fascinating and/or unusual facts for schoolchildren to collect).

Area 2: The Project HappyChild Directory (details of which children's charities provide particular types of help for children of all ages). All the Charities currently in the Directory are UK-based but quite a large number help children in many other countries of the world.

Area 3: Accelerated Learning (regular articles by famous memory expert Michael Tipper, International GrandMaster of Memory [one of only ten people in the world to achieve this] and Silver Medallist at the World Memory Championships held in England on 27th and 28th August 1998). Michael's articles can be printed direct from the website, free of charge.

Area 4: Worksheets - we've started this section with some simple addition worksheets (Key Stage 1 - ages 5-7) but we'd welcome your sending in worksheets (in any subject) designed to help children learn easily.

Area 5: Bricks and Mortar: basic reading skills - a free reading system to print direct from the website to help new and/or struggling readers.

Area 6: News and Views - Visitors can send in views on the website, news about issues concerning children; articles (educational / general / medical / safety); and SCHOOLCHILDREN / STUDENTS are invited to send in stories (ideally with a moral theme), poems and jokes ..... we'll include whatever we can of what's sent in. Your stories, poems and jokes can be shared by other children and students across the world - and they can make links with you and your school or college.
Area 6 will also include
APPEALS for help for children all over the world.

Area 7: Fundraising & Resources: This section includes a swapshop for ideas for fundraising, as well as quizzes which can be swapped between schools in different geographical areas. There will be a section for you to post up details of what funds your school has been able to raise for different charities in the Directory (or Appeals in Area 6) and every event raising over Ł100 will be listed separately.

website under construction: send us news of your fundraising for disadvantaged children

Also in Area 7 we are building the Project HappyChild Shop where schools, parents and charities will be able to find special prices for goods (like the low-priced computer software available from Channel MarketMakers and Microsoft) and also surplus resources offered by companies for the use of schools and charities, as well as details of where to send your used postage stamps, odd foreign coins, used toner cartridges, etc. to help children's charities.

Project HappyChild: linking children all across the world

We now have a MAP of the site to make it easier for visitors to have a look around. You can visit all the areas shown as underlined on the Map (by clicking on them): the lead-off areas await input from visitors to this site. We really need YOUR input to develop this project to its maximum potential - will you help us?

You should be able to access most of the areas currently open, via the map. PLEASE NOTE: many individual pages are not "back-linked" to the map and you may need to use "back" (top left of your browser) to return to the map, unless you wish to follow the links provided from one area of the website to another.

Links to the "home pages" of each of the seven areas are as follows [with three more links to other items of interest]:

AREA 1: Infinite Facts Series AREA 2: Project HappyChild Directory AREA 3: Accelerated Learning AREA 4: Free Worksheets AREA 5: "Bricks and Mortar"

website under construction: send us stories, poems and jokes for children across the world to share


Click on the words above to reach a page giving details of help we would welcome from anyone who supports what Project HappyChild is setting out to achieve - most of what we're requesting won't cost you a penny but could make a lot of difference to disadvantaged kids everywhere.

The Project HappyChild Directory - leads to home page 2 (Area 2) where you can find details about charities helping children

Submissions for inclusion on this site can be sent by e-mail or by post to Project HappyChild (please send stamped self-addressed envelope for reply or for return of artwork/disks etc.).
[Editor's Note: PO Box address sadly ceased Feb 2021 due to lack of funds for the annual PO Box renewal costs]

Non-commercial visitors to our site are welcome to link to us using the animated graphics and wallpaper used on its many pages - where we have credited designers please copy the designer's graphic and do the same
[use the same procedure for copying graphics as described on the page "How You Can Help" for including the Project HappyChild plaque on your site].

Thank you for visiting! See you again soon.

Before you leave - please sign our guestbook and let us have your comments on the site. We may include your comments in the "News and Views" section of our website [together with your e-mail address if you're writing from a school, to allow other schools to contact you: otherwise just your name, town and country]. (Please state if you don't want your comments published). Thank you.

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We are pleased to include the above award from The Website Garage (June 1998).

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also August articles by Michael Tipper,
International GrandMaster of Memory and
Silver Medallist at the World Memory Championships 28/8/98
(articles in Area 3,
Accelerated Learning)

Congratulations, Michael!

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