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MASCULINE AND FEMININE adjectives - ending in "x"

ADJECTIVES 01 explained how adjectives in French need to *agree* with the masculine or feminine nouns they describe.

There are about 22 adjectives that you may wish to commit to memory [see also ADJECTIVES 07 and ADJECTIVES 08]. Let's start with those ending in "x", where the masculine plural form is the *same* as the masculine singular - the adjective "gris" follows this pattern also.

heureux (m.s) heureux (m.pl) heureuse (f.s) heureuses (f.pl) happy
paresseux (m.s) paresseux (m.pl) paresseuse (f.s) paresseuses (f.pl) lazy
ennuyeux (m.s) ennuyeux (m.pl) ennuyeuse (f.s) ennuyeuses (f.pl) boring
faux (m.s) faux (m.pl) fausse (f.s) fausses (f.pl) false
doux (m.s) doux (m.pl) douce (f.s) douces (f.pl) soft
jaloux (m.s) jaloux (m.pl) jalouse (f.s) jalouses (f.pl) jealous
vieux [nb vieil before
a vowel or silent h]
vieux (m.pl) vieille (f.s) vieilles (f.pl) old
gris (m.s) gris (m.pl) grise (f.s) grises (f.pl) grey

The free French verbs and vocabulary worksheets can be used for learning, practice and revision.
However, contact with someone who is fluent in French will help to ensure correct pronunciation.

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