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The Oxford dictionary defines a mnemonic as "of or designed to aid the memory". The word is derived from the name of the Greek goddess of memory - Mnemosyne. You see the Greeks thought so much of the ability to memorise that they worshipped it in the form of a goddess. I have covered the sophisticated mnemonic techniques elsewhere but each of the items below is a simple popular aid to memory that we can all use straight away.

Do you use any mnemonics to help you remember anything? If so, why not e-mail me. Please note, however, that with an exceptionally busy schedule it isn't possible to reply to everyone who writes :)

It's planned to add further mnemonics in due course, either here or within the new "Feature Articles" area of this site.

Stalactites and Stalagmites
Port and Starboard 2
The relative size of planets in our solar system
Using a Screwdriver
More Spelling Mnemonics
Language and Grammar
The 12 Disciples
Kings and Queens of England
More Ways to Remember the Planets
Elements from the Periodic Table
Spelling 2
Binomial Multiplication
Coloured Snooker Balls
Mathematical Processes
Musical Keys
The Great Lakes
Cranial Nerves
The Musical Stave
Word Games and Mnemonics
Your Mnemonics
Numeric Prefixes
Rock Formations
The Planets
The Great Philosophers
Port and Starboard, Left or Right?
Complex Formulae
Use of Poetry to help in remembering
Do the Clocks go Forward or Back?
Colours of the Rainbow

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Accelerated Learning in the Classroom Stalactites and Stalagmites Your Dreams Can Help You Johannes Genfleisch Gutenberg The Power of Suggestion
Effective Memory Techniques in a Week Trigonometry Negative Statements Christy Brown Learning to Spell
Crying for Help Port and Starboard 2 Stress and Memory Mary Anning The No Blame Approach to Bullying
Head First Planet Size Patterns of Structure Charles Dickens Learning a Language Part 1
Emotional Intelligence Using a Screwdriver Impulse Control Lise Meitner Introduction to Speed Reading
13-19 A Parent's Guide to the teenage years Spelling 3 Men and Women are different Socrates Mind Mapping for Young Children
Being In Control Language and Grammar Can you Count? Edward De Bono Biofeedback and ADHD
The Learning Revolution The 12 Disciples Visual Contrasts for Babies Steven Spielberg Counting to 10 in Japanese
The Memory Pack Kings and Queens of England Brain Development Dominic O'Brien Reminders
Learn to Remember Planets 2 Brain Scans Alexander the Great Back to School
The Learner's Pocketbook Periodic Table Cab Drivers' Brains Chris Moon The 6 Step MASTER plan for Accelerated Learning
Your Mind at Work Spelling 2 The Effects of Jet lag Winston Churchill The Mega Mind Map
GO MAD - The Art of Making a Difference Binomial Multiplication Active Learning Sun Tzu Overcoming Exam Memory Loss
Mind Manager - Mind Mapping Software Snooker Multiple Intelligences Napoleon Hill The Power Browse
Accelerated Learning for the 21st Century Mathematical Processes Brain Waves Walt Disney St Teresa's
The Mind Map Book The Major Scales Your Reptilian Brain Queen Elizabeth the First Names and Faces
How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci Great Lakes Your Eyes 1999 Brain of the Year Revising for Exams
Memory Home Study Course Cranial Nerves Brain Wiring Abraham Lincoln Effective Learning
Understand Mind Maps in a Week Spelling Brain Comparisons Rembrandt Prepare to Learn
Buzan's Book of Genius Music Theory Brain Size Pyramid Builders Genius
Learning with Lana Word Game Hypnosis and Recall Stephen Hawking Playing Cards
Study Guides Your Mnemonics Thinking in Pictures Thomas Edison Mind Mapping
How to Pass Exams Numeric prefixes Brain and Oxygen Helen Keller Numbers Method 2
Boost Your Mindpower Rock Formations Brain Foods You Foreign Words
Teach Your Child how to think The Planets Music and the Brain Charlie Chaplin Numbers - Method 1
Strengthen Your Memory The Great Philosophers Patterns and Recall Mozart Ten Items - Method 2
Your Memory
for Life
Port and
Repetition William
The Linking
The Art of Juggling Complex Formulae Visual Memory S Natural Rhythms
How to Get Rich Poetry Potential percentage Marie Curie World Memory Championships
Speed Reading Clocks Where is your brain? David Thomas Journey Technique
Perfect Memory Levers Brain Storage Leonardo da Vinci Ten Items
Use Your Head Colours of the Rainbow Half Brain Einstein Super Power Memory

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your support is always welcomed for the Children's Charities in the Project HappyChild Directory - just click here for details of more than 80 organizations
Your support is always welcomed for the Children's Charities in the Project HappyChild Directory - just click here for details of 80+ organizations.

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