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Other sections tell you about the principles of a super power memory (The Secrets Underlying a Super Power Memory) and using those principles how to remember a list of 10 items in any order by using the number Rhyme method (How to remember a list of 10 items). Now I want to tell you about another technique for memorising information that the Romans and Greeks used and which is advocated by 5 times World Champion Dominic O'Brien. It is a peg system in its own right and utilises locations in or around places that you are familiar with.

 Imagine the house where you live, see the front door as you walk in. Then, in your mind's eye, walk through the house visiting every room in turn, just as if you were really doing it.

 That was quite easy wasn't it? The key to this technique is to pick 10 specific places in your house (individual rooms or specific pieces of furniture) so that as you walk round your house in your imagination, you visit each place in turn in the same order each time. You may have chosen the following:

1. Front Door 6. Stairs
2. Table Hallway 7. Your bed in your bedroom
3. Sofa in your lounge 8. Wardrobe
4. TV in your lounge 9. Bath
5. Kitchen 10. Toilet

 Once you have chosen the 10 locations in your house, practice visualising the journey both forwards and backwards so that you have a clear and vivid image of each place and that every time you mentally "walk" the journey, the order of the places is always the same. In your mind you may have seen something like this:

 "The blue FRONT DOOR opens into a long hallway. Walking past the ornate wooden HALLWAY TABLE, you make your way into the lounge. In the corner of the lounge is your favourite orange SOFA opposite your TELEVISION. At the far end of the lounge is the door to the KITCHEN with its bright white worktops and blue and white tiled floor. In the hallway again you go up the STAIRS to your bedroom and sit on your large wooden framed BED. In the one corner stands your large WARDROBE. Back onto the landing you walk into the bathroom and see the white BATH next to the matching TOILET."

  Now let's look at the list we memorised in the Section on the Number Rhyme System. It was:











Now using the principles of a super power memory (The Secrets Underlying a Super Power Memory) associate each item on the list with a stage of your journey. For example, associate a tomato with your front door, a birdcage with the hall table and so on. When you have done that, try and recall the list by mentally visiting each stage on your journey.

 Once you had associated the items on the list with the locations your journey may have looked like this:

 "A large red tomato the size of a football, just thrown against the blue FRONT DOOR, oozes its tangy juices as it slowly slides down the door's shiny surface. Into the hallway, the tall red bottomed birdcage on the ornate wooden HALLWAY TABLE rattles noisily as you bump into it. As you enter the lounge you step back in surprise as someone has placed a massive chair on top of your favourite orange SOFA. You wanted to watch TELEVISION but unfortunately it is not working because of the six foot long pencil that has been pushed through the screen. You decide to have a drink but you can't get into the KITCHEN because a large donkey is sat on the floor braying loudly. You have had enough, so you decide to go to bed. On your way up the STAIRS you keep slipping over the yellow bar of soap that can be found on each step. You finally make it to the bedroom but cannot get into your BED because a large purple telephone is in the way and is ringing quite loudly. All of a sudden, the WARDROBE door bursts open as two workmen start laying a path across your bedroom floor. You go out onto the landing and into your bathroom only to see a four poster wooden bed sat in your BATH. And if that wasn't bad enough, a huge sugar coated doughnut is in the pan of your TOILET."

 To remember the list, just walk through your journey in your mind and you will see the tomato on the door, the birdcage on the hallway table etc.

 Now you have another technique for remembering lists. With this technique you can remember absolutely anything you want to for example speeches, information for exams or any other information that you need to have at your fingertips. It is a very flexible system and its potential, is only limited by the number and length of the journeys that you are able to create in your mind.

To ask about any aspect of Accelerated Learning, you can contact Michael Tipper direct via the link at the top of this page.

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Your support is always welcomed for the Children's Charities in the Project HappyChild Directory - just click here for details of 80+ organizations.

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