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STATE COUNTIES beginning with S

photographed after the Twin Towers tragedy


Welcome to our alphabetical map of the States + Counties of the USA (for school websites, please click here).
To reach the actual website in any county, you need to click TWICE - first on
the county name on THIS page, then on the same name on the linked STATE page.
For more info about this whole area, please see the main index page.

Sabine County, Texas
Sabine Parish, Louisiana
Sac County, Iowa
Sacramento County, California
Sagadahoc County, Maine
Saginaw County, Michigan
Saguache County, Colorado
Salem (Independent City), Virginia
Salem County, New Jersey
Saline County, Arkansas

Saline County, Illinois
Saline County, Kansas
Saline County, Missouri
Saline County, Nebraska
Salt Lake County, Utah
Saluda County, South Carolina
Sampson County, North Carolina
San Augustine County, Texas
San Benito County, California
San Bernardino County, California

San Diego County, California
San Francisco (City + County), California
San Jacinto County, Texas
San Joaquin County, California
San Juan County, Colorado
San Juan County, New Mexico
San Juan County, Utah
San Juan County, Washington
San Luis Obispo County, California
San Mateo County, California

San Miguel County, Colorado
San Miguel County, New Mexico
San Patricio County, Texas
San Saba County, Texas
Sanborn County, South Dakota
Sanders County, Montana
Sandoval County, New Mexico
Sandusky County, Ohio
Sangamon County, Illinois
Sanilac County, Michigan

Sanpete County, Utah
Santa Barbara County, California
Santa Clara County, California
Santa Cruz County, Arizona
Santa Cruz County, California
Santa Fe County, New Mexico
Santa Rosa County, Florida
Sarasota County, Florida
Saratoga County, New York
Sargent County, North Dakota

Sarpy County, Nebraska
Sauk County, Wisconsin
Saunders County, Nebraska
Sawyer County, Wisconsin
Schenectady County, New York
Schleicher County, Texas
Schley County, Georgia
Schoharie County, New York
Schoolcraft County, Michigan
Schuyler County, Illinois

Schuyler County, Missouri
Schuyler County, New York
Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania
Scioto County, Ohio
Scotland County, Missouri
Scotland County, North Carolina
Scott County, Arkansas
Scott County, Iowa
Scott County, Illinois
Scott County, Indiana

Scott County, Kansas
Scott County, Kentucky
Scott County, Minnesota
Scott County, Missouri
Scott County, Mississippi
Scott County, Tennessee
Scott County, Virginia
Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska
Screven County, Georgia
Scurry County, Texas

Searcy County, Arkansas
Sebastian County, Arkansas
Sedgwick County, Colorado
Sedgwick County, Kansas
Seminole County, Florida
Seminole County, Georgia
Seminole County, Oklahoma
Seneca County, New York
Seneca County, Ohio
Sequatchie County, Tennessee

Sequoyah County, Oklahoma
Sevier County, Arkansas
Sevier County, Tennessee
Sevier County, Utah
Seward County, Kansas
Seward County, Nebraska
Shackelford County, Texas
Shannon County, Missouri
Shannon County, South Dakota
Sharkey County, Mississippi

Sharp County, Arkansas
Shasta County, California
Shawano County, Wisconsin
Shawnee County, Kansas
Sheboygan County, Wisconsin
Shelby County, Alabama
Shelby County, Iowa
Shelby County, Illinois
Shelby County, Indiana
Shelby County, Kentucky

Shelby County, Missouri
Shelby County, Ohio
Shelby County, Tennessee
Shelby County, Texas
Shenandoah County, Virginia
Sherburne County, Minnesota
Sheridan County, Kansas
Sheridan County, Montana
Sheridan County, North Dakota
Sheridan County, Nebraska

Sheridan County, Wyoming
Sherman County, Kansas
Sherman County, Nebraska
Sherman County, Oregon
Sherman County, Texas
Shiawassee County, Michigan
Shoshone County, Idaho
Sibley County, Minnesota
Sierra County, California
Sierra County, New Mexico

Simpson County, Kentucky
Simpson County, Mississippi
Sioux County, Iowa
Sioux County, North Dakota
Sioux County, Nebraska
Siskiyou County, California
Sitka (City + Borough), Alaska
Skagit County, Washington
Skagway-Hoonah-Angoon Census Area, Alaska
Skamania County, Washington

Slope County, North Dakota
Smith County, Kansas
Smith County, Mississippi
Smith County, Tennessee
Smith County, Texas
Smyth County, Virginia
Snohomish County, Washington
Snyder County, Pennsylvania
Socorro County, New Mexico
Solano County, California

Somerset County, Maryland
Somerset County, Maine
Somerset County, New Jersey
Somerset County, Pennsylvania
Somervell County, Texas
Sonoma County, California
South Boston (Independent City), Virginia
Southampton County, Virginia
Southeast Fairbanks Census Area, Alaska
Spalding County, Georgia

Spartanburg County, South Carolina
Spencer County, Indiana
Spencer County, Kentucky
Spink County, South Dakota
Spokane County, Washington
Spotsylvania County, Virginia
St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana
St. Charles County, Missouri
St. Charles Parish, Louisiana
St. Clair County, Alabama

St. Clair County, Illinois
St. Clair County, Michigan
St. Clair County, Missouri
St. Croix County, Wisconsin
St. Francis County, Arkansas
St. François County, Missouri
St. Helena Parish, Louisiana
St. James Parish, Louisiana
St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana
St. Johns County, Florida

St. Joseph County, Indiana
St. Joseph County, Michigan
St. Landry Parish, Louisiana
St. Lawrence County, New York
St. Louis City, Missouri
St. Louis County, Minnesota
St. Louis County, Missouri
St. Lucie County, Florida
St. Martin Parish, Louisiana
St. Mary Parish, Louisiana

St. Mary's County, Maryland
St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana
Stafford County, Kansas
Stafford County, Virginia
Stanislaus County, California
Stanley County, South Dakota
Stanly County, North Carolina
Stanton County, Kansas
Stanton County, Nebraska
Stark County, Illinois

Stark County, North Dakota
Stark County, Ohio
Starke County, Indiana
Starr County, Texas
Staunton (Independent City), Virginia
Ste. Geneviève County, Missouri
Stearns County, Minnesota
Steele County, Minnesota
Steele County, North Dakota
Stephens County, Georgia

Stephens County, Oklahoma
Stephens County, Texas
Stephenson County, Illinois
Sterling County, Texas
Steuben County, Indiana
Steuben County, New York
Stevens County, Kansas
Stevens County, Minnesota
Stevens County, Washington
Stewart County, Georgia

Stewart County, Tennessee
Stillwater County, Montana
Stoddard County, Missouri
Stokes County, North Carolina
Stone County, Arkansas
Stone County, Missouri
Stone County, Mississippi
Stonewall County, Texas
Storey County, Nevada
Story County, Iowa

Strafford County, New Hampshire
Stutsman County, North Dakota
Sublette County, Wyoming
Suffolk (Independent City), Virginia
Suffolk County, Massachusetts
Suffolk County, New York
Sullivan County, Indiana
Sullivan County, Missouri
Sullivan County, New Hampshire
Sullivan County, New York

Sullivan County, Pennsylvania
Sullivan County, Tennessee
Sully County, South Dakota
Summers County, West Virginia
Summit County, Colorado
Summit County, Ohio
Summit County, Utah
Sumner County, Kansas
Sumner County, Tennessee
Sumter County, Alabama

Sumter County, Florida
Sumter County, Georgia
Sumter County, South Carolina
Sunflower County, Mississippi
Surry County, North Carolina
Surry County, Virginia
Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania
Sussex County, Delaware
Sussex County, New Jersey
Sussex County, Virginia

Sutter County, California
Sutton County, Texas
Suwannee County, Florida
Swain County, North Carolina
Sweet Grass County, Montana
Sweetwater County, Wyoming
Swift County, Minnesota
Swisher County, Texas
Switzerland County, Indiana

STATE COUNTIES IN THE U.S.A.   (click on any state to access its counties)
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THE GREAT SIOUX NATION below is an alphabetical index of USA state counties -
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