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a common frame of reference
Keywords for Learning - free to print word search puzzles

As you will know, a major emphasis at Project HappyChild is on free educational resources. What appeared to have been *missing* from education generally, was a "common frame of reference" to which all children could relate.

With this new area at Project HappyChild , rather than just create some "boring lists" we've taken the approach of using "wordsearches" that kids can do and assimilate the keywords and linked items in the process.

Working with Mario Becroft in New Zealand (to whom we are indebted for his programming help and wordsearch program design), a whole massive area has now been created to provide a "common framework" across languages and science.

The "Spellings, Sounds and Meanings" area within "English" has its own set of wordsearches for the main spelling variables (along with worksheets for sentences, meanings, writing practice, making crosswords, lateral thinking, poetry-writing, etc).

Maths doesn't really lend itself to wordsearches :/   However, the Maths area is carefully structured to enable children to lay down a basic number framework and easily assimiliate the building blocks for addition, times tables, subtractiion and division, and also grasp the basics of fractions and percentages.

Before we were finally able to create the wordsearch index pages to match the dual-language worksheets and science areas, many keyword lists had already been created, and certain topics gained a listing of their own, eg Invertebrates has five lists but a sub-section of Invertebrates, "Insects", has nine lists of its own, and is identified as a separate topic because not all children would think to look for Insects in the Invertebrates category.

The original lists were created to be as globally-relevant as possible - eg "Reptiles" has a number of snake lists, covering snakes from all over the world, because the children using the wordsearches will be from many different countries.

We have now added a very great many "new lists" (31st October 2010) and have been able to match the content of both the science and the languages areas here on the site. We have aimed for "integrated" learning resources wherever possible, and with the science especially, it has now been posible to program things such that each science word (on the wordsearch index pages) has a click-through to the actual definition page for that word, within the science area.

There's more to the Wordsearch area than just the academic stuff, of course :)   50 Harry Potter wordsearches and 25 Pokémon wordsearches have been added, either by us or sent in by site visitors, and there's quite a wide range of sports, leisure and general knowledge content that has been sent in by visitors also. Our thanks go to all the many people who have helped in this way :)

We'd very much hoped to be able to extend this systematic approach to keywording across many more themes - the tool-names and processes of the various trades (plumbing, electrics etc.), Wimbledon winners, FA Cup-winning teams and much else, but lists didn't materialise for such themes and (with the other 25,000 pages of the site to build) we simply ran out of time (see "The Journey" page). However we trust that the 1600+ puzzles we'll end up with, will just about do :)

As you'll see from the items in red on the main index page, a lot of the themes are "new content" - the index pages for individual themes are in place (with listings of all the wordsearch content), but the wordsearch puzzles themselves are still in preparation, and planned to be on line as soon as possible (we'll upload them whenever they arrive).

... the longest journey starts with a single step ...

To print any word search puzzle, simply select "print pages 1 to 1" [draft quality, greyscale, is fine].
Free to print and photocopy as complete page in the existing format for the benefit of children anywhere but may not be sold or
published elsewhere in any media or in any other format without the written permission of the Trustees of Project HappyChild.

Our thanks to Mario Becroft in New Zealand for his help and technical resources provided
in creating WordSearches for Project HappyChild - see our Sponsors page.

... the longest journey starts with a single step ...

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