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BIBIC - The British Institute for Brain Injured Children

Brain injured children need your help! For many of our youngsters, simple skills like speaking, talking or walking can be major achievements: we help them succeed! We train parents nationwide to help their child at home. Our methods incorporate sensori-motor techniques plus exercises / activities derived from speech therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. How can you help us? We recycle used toner cartridges and inkjets from computer printers; we need volunteers to undertake sponsored aerobatics for us - and our children! FREE info available.

C/Reg.: 1057635 for more information, please click through to the BIBIC website PHC Ref. No. 1051
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CACHE Incorporating CEYA, NNEB and NAMCW

The Council for Awards in Children's Care and Education (CACHE) is a specialist Awarding Body that writes and administers Qualifications and Training Courses for those working with, or wanting to work with children and young people. Our awards include VQs and NVQs, from foundation level through to level 4 and are offered in schools, colleges and training centres across the UK.

C/Reg.: 1036232 for more information, please click through to the CACHE website PHC Ref. No. 1052
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BREAK (1968)

BREAK provides holidays and respite care for children and adults with learning disabilities from all areas of the country. Open all year, "Rainbow" and "The Sandcastle" on the Norfolk coast offer a varied holiday programme including outings. Facilities include a heated indoor swimming pool, transport with wheelchair lift and a variety of special equipment. Also: "Magpie" - BREAK's residential family assessment in Sheringham. Accepts families and children at risk of significant harm. Assessment and preparation for court cases. Places for three families. "Family Group Home" - for children. Individual and sibling group assessments. A strong commitment to planning and preparing children for the next stage of care or independence.

C/Reg.: 286650 for more information, please click through to the BREAK website PHC Ref. No. 1053
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We are a growing and dynamic charity which aims to support families and individuals affected by Autism, Asperger Syndrome or similar communication and behavioural difficulties. We offer Family Services including a telephone helpline; a quality play and leisure project for children and young people; and residential accommodation for seven young adults with autism. Donations are gratefully received so that we may expand our telephone helpline service, offer more locally-based projects and activities as well as expand our family outreach service.

C/Reg.: 1009720 for more information, please see the Autism London website PHC Ref. No. 1054
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Reye's Syndrome is a children's disease that affects the liver and brain. The Foundation was formed to provide funds for research into the cause, treatment, cure and prevention of Reye's Syndrome and Reye-like illnesses, to inform both the public and medical communities and to provide support for parents whose children have suffered from these diseases.

C/Reg.: 288064 for more information, please click through to their website PHC Ref. No. 1055
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PLAN International helps create lasting improvements to the lives of children, their families and communities in over 40 developing countries. As a leading child-focused development charity, PLAN improves the health, education and living conditions for an estimated 10 million people worldwide. Non-sectarian and non-political, PLAN's belief is in working together with communities to identify their needs and meet them in the most appropriate, long-term and sustainable ways. PLAN was founded in 1937 and now raises funds in fourteen developed countries. The majority of funds are raised through individual sponsors, but PLAN also offers companies and trusts the flexibility to select the location and type of projects for funding.

C/Reg.: 276035 for more information, please see the PLAN International website PHC Ref. No. 1056
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THE LADY HOARE TRUST for physically disabled children

Since this entry was originally created, The Lady Hoare Trust has merged with Contact A Family - please see the page here.

For the Contact A Family entry in the Project HappyChild Directory please click here and for their website please click here.

C/Reg.: 221871 Tel.: xxxx Fax: xxxx PHC Ref. No. 1057
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CPAG provides action for the relief, directly or indirectly, of poverty among children and families with children. We work to ensure that those on low incomes get their full entitlement to welfare benefits. We provide no services directly for children but we publish handbooks on benefit entitlement and books on social policy issues, provide a benefits advice line (to advisors only) and run training courses. In our campaigning and information work we seek to improve benefits and policies for low income families, to eradicate the injustice of poverty. Donations welcomed.

C/Reg.: 294841 for more information, please see the Child Poverty Action Group website PHC Ref. No. 1058
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LifeLine Network is supporting The Nehemiah Project which now focuses on re-building the communities which were destroyed during the war in Sierra Leone. Many young people have missed out completely on education and currently have no alternative to crime in order to survive. An astonishing 70% of the population are living in poverty and resources are stretched to the limit. The Nehemiah Project has developed an innovative range of programmes centering on education and equipping people to make positive life choices, and is enabling local people to provide practical solutions to re-building their nation. Resources are needed to pay for outreach workers, develop materials and increase the capacity of the Rehabilitation Centre. We are also seeking to develop an HIV and AIDS awareness and support programme.

C/Reg.: 1062615 for more information, please see the Lifeline Network website PHC Ref. No. 1059
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BLISS * The National Charity for the Newborn

BLISS is Britain's leading charity for sick, newborn and premature babies. It was founded in 1979 to give every baby an equal chance of healthy survival. To achieve this aim BLISS donates essential lifesaving equipment to special and intensive care baby units nationwide, sponsors the training of specialist nurses and offers support and information to parents of babies who need, or have needed, special care at birth.

C/Reg.: 1002973 for more information, please click through to the BLISS website PHC Ref. No. 1060
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