James, Andy & Sol

ISBN Nos: Volume I (disk set) : 0 9515374 1 5
Volume II (helper's notes) : 0 9515374 2 3
Two-volume set : 0 9515374 3 1

Published by Gold Sapphire Magenta
PO Box 911,Epping CM16 4AA, England

All profits in respect of the authorship, production,
publication and distribution of this book
are the property of Project HappyChild.

No part of "Bricks and Mortar: Basic Reading Skills" may be incorporated into
any other publication, video, cassette or similar without the express permission
of the author Penny Midas Rollo and that of the publishers
Gold Sapphire Magenta and the Trustees of Project HappyChild.

This publication may be printed directly from the Project HappyChild website at FREE OF CHARGE to help anyone learning to read
the English language and may be photocopied as required PROVIDED ONLY
THAT each page is reproduced exactly as it appears in the original.

If this reading system helps your child/ren,
your support for an organization helping less fortunate kids
- one of the charities in the Project HappyChild Directory
or in the Projects helping Children
area of this website - would be greatly valued.

There are a number of fundraising ideas on line here.

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