DISK 113.

Quite a lot of words have odd spellings compared with how they are pronounced. As we go around the circle, there will be a pause after each set of words, for you to repeat them.

First we have words whose main sounds fall into the "a - eh - ih - o - uh" category. Reading round the circle, these are:

have * plaid * carriage * marriage

* hangar (as in "aeroplane shed") * [pause]

Usually when the suffix "-er" is added to a word it is spelled E R.

many * said * ready * steady * bread

read (past participle of verb "to read") * [pause]

lead (the metal) * technical * meant

* separate (the adjective) * separate (the verb) * [pause]

Notice how this last word is pronounced in different ways dependent on its meaning.

live (as in "dwell") * lives ("dwells") * sieve * privilege * village * [pause]

Usually when the suffix "-edge" is added to a word it is spelled E D G E.

polytechnic * acknowledge (located at "8 o'clock"
because of the emphasis on the 2nd syllable) * [pause]

come * dozen * brother * cousin * double * trouble

southern * shovel * wonder * one * [pause]

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