DISK 84.

W plus H makes the sound "whuh" - giving us words such as:

whacky * wham * whale

- and because "Whacky W " is involved here, it can mean that an A vowel following the "whuh" makes an "o" sound instead of an "a" sound, as in the word what.

Similarly other words starting with "Whacky W" can make this "o" sound, as in:

want * watch * was * wander

Notice also that the letter combination S Q U which we met on Page 20 makes a "skwuh" sound - and because it ends in the "wuh" sound it can also have this effect, as in the words squat and squander, the final ones on this disk.

Your turn to read the words on this disk now:

(pause) Yes, they are:

whacky * wham * whale * what * want

watch * was * wander * squat * squander

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