DISK 56.

The vowel combination U E is an odd one. Sometimes U follows G before the letter E or I, to make the G "hard" (ie. "guh" not "juh"). So with the "hardening U" after G, we have the first words on this disk, guess and guest.

In words where the letters U E follow a double brick such as F L ("fluh"), C L ("cluh"), B L ("bluh") the sound made is "oo" (like the double O) and we get the words blue, clue, and flue, at the "9 o'clock" position.

When we add a silent E to the end of a word with the vowel U ("uh") in it, the vowel sound becomes "yew". So we get the words hug and huge, where the Silent E has softened the G it follows.

In the case of the word fugue, the adding of a silent E to the word "fug" (a smoky type of atmosphere in a room) would give us the word "fuge". To keep the G "hard" we add a U after the G and before the silent E, to give the written form F U G U E, logically pronounced fugue.

And finally, the words new and few which have the same "yew" vowel sound. The first of the oddments associated with the "Whacky W"!

Now you read the words on this disk:

(pause) Yes, they are:

guest * guess * blue * clue * flue

hug * huge * fugue * new * few

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