DISK 53.

On this disk we have some really strange words.

Those is straightforward enough (more or less!) for the reasons given on the last disk. But then comes though where the vowel sound is not logical and the G H is not pronounced at all. This last is fairly common in the middle of or at the end of words; however at the beginning of a word the G is usually pronounced as "guh" whilst the H is silent, and we have ghost at the "7 o'clock" position and ghoul at the "9 o'clock" position, the vowel combination O U here making an "oo" sound.

The word the is in the "uh" vowel position as that's what it rhymes with - as indeed does the article a (as in "a" box, "a" train, "a" plant) - the use of "uh" rather than "a" or "a" for this word is usually associated with the fluent reader.

Now you read the words on this disk:

Yes, they are:

those * though * ghost * ghoul * the * a

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