DISK 52.

Another "double brick" combination is T plus H. This makes one of two sounds - "thuh" (soft) or "thuh" (hard).

Usually it's the hard "thuh" except in words where the T H is followed by the letter I, the letter O or the letter U. So for the vowels A or E following "thuh" we have words like that and them, the first two words on this disk.

We also have the word thee (at the "5 o'clock position) which uses a double E for the "ee" sound, and which follows the same basic rule.

The next words on the disk are think, thick, and thin - all using the soft "thuh" which applies before the letters I, O and U as above.

But then there is an added complication: putting the letter S after those vowel sounds makes the "thuh" (soft) into "thuh" (hard) again!

So we have this and those, but thong and thunder, and finally thus!

Now you read the words on this disk:

(pause) Yes, they are:

that * them * thee * think * thick * thin * this

those * thong * thunder * thus

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