DISK 51.

This next disk shows more words with the "o" sound, but now this sound is made by an O A combination or an O W combination. O A usually makes an "o" sound. However O W can vary. In the examples shown on this disk, the words all have the "o" sound - however this combination of letters can make other sounds, all down to "Whacky W" which has all sorts of strange effects, as we'll see later! The words on this disk are:

shoal * show * shown *
(shewn) (Olde English version)

Now you read the words on this disk:

(pause) Yes, they are:

shoal * show * shown * (shewn)

You have now learned all the basic letter names, all the basic bricks, and all the basic vowels. You have also learned about a quarter of the remaining vowel combinations!

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