Now come the bricks B and D. In the words shown B starts each word and D ends it. B makes the sound "buh" and D makes the sound "duh". See if you can guess the words shown, going round the circle.

Sound each of them out. The first, as an example, is buh - a - duh and makes the word bad.

PRACTISE saying the words round the circle, starting with bad.

(pause) Yes, they are:

bad * bed * bid * bod * bud.

The last word works in the same way as you learned in disks 3 and 4. This word is


Well, now you've learned all the basic vowels, the "mortar", and five of the consonants out of 20 "whole" consonants (not counting the Y). So you've already learned one quarter of all the bricks. You're doing well!

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